The Chennai High Court repealed Tamil Nadu’s law to ban card games 

The government of Tamil Nadu wanted to ban online betting games citing that people where losing too much money and children were getting addicted on playing, however the Madras high court moved to repeal the law created by the state. The high court bench led by chief justice Sanjib Banjerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy proclaimed that it was out of the powers of the state to impose a ban on these games, nevertheless they have asked the government to create and put forward a legislation for the regulation for online card games such as teen patti for real money.

Indian online gaming corporation Junglee Games India had filed a case against the state government’s legislation along with many other companies and had been named the plaintiff in the case. The plaintiff’s moved to challenge the state law which is called – Gaming and Police Laws (Amendment) Act, 2021, however the court believed that this would be a contravention of Article 19(1) (g) of the Indian Constitution.  

The government of the state which is led by MK Stalin have the belief that these card games are making people spend a lot of money which they may lose and believe that an action should be taken against them. They also do not want the youth of the state to indulge in such games and make them lose their money even though they may not be. 

Even though the high court in Chennai is not letting the state ban these games, they do not suggest that online casino games are legal in the state and country. 

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The courts and high courts of India have called casino games such as poker, rummy and teen patti games of skill rather than luck and hence making these games easily available. Online casino games go through a strict a rigorous process to procure licenses to set up online casino sites and are constantly under the beady eyes of regulation bodies such as the UKGC and Malta Gaming Commissions which let casino operate internationally and make sure for player safety. 

Online casino in India have now made depositing money as seamless and with the inclusion of all Indian games, you can play online 3 patti real money paytm cash easily and also avail bonus offers where you can get your deposit amount matched 100% so you can play with double the money you deposit and also win prizes such as cash, cars, devices such as Iphones and Macbook pros and also international trips that are fully paid for.


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