Ranking the Sports to Bet On

Gambling, particularly sports betting, is a complicated way of earning money. But if you know where and tricks in conducting online sports betting, you are in the conundrum of choosing where to put your stakes.

So for this blog post, we will share the pros and cons of the sports you place your bets on. We will be ranking the sports based on how difficult or easy it is for punters to win.

Soccer – Difficulty: 7

Starting off of our list is soccer. It might be the best sport to bet on due to its number of leagues like the European Football Association (EUFA), the German football league Bundesliga, and the most famous of them all, FIFA.

However, its extreme popularity also makes it disadvantageous for bettors. Since everyone knows a few things about soccer, the odds are always lower than in other sports.

It can also be difficult if you aim to keep track of dozens of players. So to simplify things, only bet on the win/lose category. Avoid making things complex by waging on the choices like “Who will score the first goal?” or “Which team will have this kind of score by the end?”

American Football – Difficulty: 9

It is already a fact: American football is among the most popular sports in the market, particularly in the United States. It has one of the most famous events, the NFL Super Bowl and almost everybody watch and anticipates the games.

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But similar to soccer, football is a very popular sport, and finding reasonable odds in the market will be challenging. If you are a risk-taker, this will be your sport.

It can also be complicated because a lot of variables can affect the matches. For instance, injuries. Accidents often happen in this sport and could disrupt the already-low odds.

With that in mind, betting and making an accurate prediction on football can be tricky. Add its unpredictability, and the sport can be challenging for bettors.

Tennis – Difficulty: 5

Tennis is an easy sport to bet on, particularly keeping track of athletes. Tennis players are basically celebrities, meaning there will be tons of data for you to analyze each of them. Furthermore, they are not part of any team, so researching them will be a piece of cake.

The only con when betting on this sport is once the match is a doubles. Each pair do not team up that very long. Moreover, their playstyles do not complement each other. To uncomplicate things, avoid placing your bets on double-team matches.

Your winning ticket is by betting only on singles. If there is a clear favorite, bet on them. Your only problem by that time is the low odds from bookies.

Basketball – Difficulty: 4

Basketball is among the most profitable sports due to its short playing time, giving you enough chance to analyze the teams’ performance. Not to mention, a popular sport for bettors worldwide.

To correctly make a prediction, start by finding out how the players, particularly their stars, have performed.

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Also, bet live until the final quarter. If you wager in the final round, you have gathered enough information to guess who will win the game accurately.

Baseball – Difficulty: 4

Similar to basketball, this one is easy to bet on. It is simple, with many halftimes in-game. Just like the previous sport, baseball should be wagered live, and the final leg of the match can give you an idea of which team to support.

Boxing – Difficulty: 2

This is the easiest sport to place your stakes, not to mention it can make a lot of money because of how simple the game works: knocking an opponent or reaching the judges’ scoring. 

Analyzing the boxing professionals is easier, provided all their data are open to the public. Hence, you can create a comprehensive comparison of the two fighters.

This will only become challenging if the odds increase as the rounds progress. But by watching the match, you can easily predict who will become the winner unless a miracle punch puts your favorite out cold.

Golf – Difficulty: 8

Not a good choice for betting. There are two reasons: (1) limited live betting options; and (2) underdogs rarely win in golf tournaments.

If you enjoy taking risks, especially big ones, then you may try betting on golf due to limited betting options and rare satisfying odds. The game is also predictable due to star players consistently winning the series.

MMA – Difficulty: 5

Like boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA) is an easy sport to bet on. However, the fights are much shorter. Thus, live betting offers are hard to get by.

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Your option if you choose to bet on MMA is to place your wager at the start of the match, not during the bout.

Hockey – Difficulty: 8

Hockey is a sport that also involves a lot of physicalities, which would result in injuries. You have to contemplate when betting on this sport, such as the possibility of losing the star player because of a foul, and many more.

You can do your research before betting on hockey. But if worse comes to worst, the data you collected will be meaningless if players get injured or slapped with penalties.

Horse Racing – Difficulty: 9

Despite being the pioneer of legal sports betting, horse racing is a challenging sport to bet on because you are putting your faith in animals rather than their handlers.

Getting information about these horses can be easier if you are their handler. So for this sport, chance and luck are your best friends.

Cricket – Difficulty: 7

Cricket is the most straightforward exotic sport to bet on. If you want to do comprehensive research about cricket players, then you will find it relatively easy. The sport can make its athletes basically like celebrities, meaning anyone can access all their information.

We ranked its difficulty as a seven due to the complexity of its rules. But once you master the sport, it will become the easiest sport to bet on.

eSports – Difficulty: 6

These are global events with huge prize pools. Hence, various betting options are available for the games.

But, unfortunately, it is a challenging sport to bet on. The reason is that you should experience the game beforehand to be able to understand its mechanics.

Understanding eSports would be complicated for middle-aged bettors, especially if they are not “technologically inclined.”


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