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How to Stay Sane After a Traumatizing Experience

This world is not exactly a bed of roses. Everyone goes through many difficult experiences in life. Some go through more traumatic events, and some are better at handling these things than others. While everyone might say you should let it go, you know it’s easier said than done. Here I’ve discussed a few practices that will help you or someone you care about stay sane after a traumatizing experience. 

Write About It

Writing is one of the best ways to process emotions. You have so much negative energy pent up inside you that needs to be processed. Instead of keeping it inside and letting it torture you, you should process it in a positive manner. 

Start writing a diary with all your issues and emotions. You should be honest with your diary as you would be the only one reading it. This means you can share any detail no matter how embarrassing or scary. Pouring your heart out in words will help you get rid of things bothering you from inside. 

Share it with the World

It would be difficult to keep such experiences only to yourself. These emotions will hurt more because you are dealing with them alone. This is why you should consider sharing those experiences with the world. Pick up the pen and write everything that has happened to you and is happening to others and publish it.

It is understandable that it is not easy to openly discuss something so personal and hurtful. The goal is to share your story with the world whether they know you or not. You can write the article and send it to The Doe to get it published as an anonymous writer. Your identity will remain safe and you will get to share the most difficult topics with the world.

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Visit a Therapist

Many feel ashamed going to a therapist. There is no shame in accepting that you need help. It doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable. It means you are strong enough to accept that you are in pain and someone’s help will make it go away. 

The real battle is within, so you shouldn’t let what others think get the best of you. Visit a therapist and share all the details with him without sparing any details. It could be difficult to open up at first, but you will start to feel that you are healing after a while. 

Spend Time with Friends

A good friend is the best therapist. It’s easier to open up with them and you know that they care about you. It doesn’t matter whether they have professional experience of therapy or not, just knowing that they understand you is more than enough.

You would know who your real friends are. Spend more time with them and be honest with them. Tell them what happened to you and how you are feeling. Remember that life is more than just one bad event. Don’t let one bad memory affect all other memories and parts of your life.

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