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6 Eye-Catching Product Package Design Ideas

The packaging you choose for your product is the first physical impression customers get from your brand. You need to make it count.

Everything from how the packaging looks to how it feels and the design impact this impression and what people think. It also determines how well the item will sell or if it will sit on retail store shelves, untouched. 

If you are developing a product or reinventing the packaging, now is the time to think outside the box. If you need some innovative package design ideas, keep reading. Here you can find unique ideas that will help get your product noticed.

1. Choose Reusable Packaging

The packaging you choose can serve more than one purpose. Why not opt for packaging that can be reused?

A company that has done this well is POM Tea. The packaging is a regular tall drinking glass and lid that is wrapped in clear shrink wrap.

Once the shrink wrap is removed, the buyer can keep the glass and reuse it repeatedly. Consider how you could create packaging for your product that can be reused for another purpose.

People love this type of eco-friendly approach.

2. Use the Packaging to Showcase Your Brand Identity

You can feel confident your packaging design is good if your brand identity is clear to people who are interested in purchasing it.

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When creating packaging, be sure that it offers a clear impression of the product to any new customers. You also need to remind your customers about your brand and the products that you offer with the packaging.

Quality packaging design is essential if you want to define and shape your overall brand identity. Just make sure you do this efficiently.

It is necessary to create a consistent impression that will ensure people can easily recognize your brand and the products you offer.

Are you unsure if you have done this? If so, you can find more information here and consider these questions:

  • Is your logo clear and easy to see?
  • Does the packaging rekindle past memories of your products?
  • Do you use your company trademarks, fonts, and colors?
  • Does the packaging make an impression on new customers?
  • Does the packaging create the desired emotional response?

If you answered no to the questions above, now is the time to consider a redesign. Be sure to consider these things when creating a new package for the product you are trying to sell.

3. Add Something Extra to the Packaging

You can opt for standard packaging by help it stand out from your competitors by adding a “twist.”

For example, add something to the package that makes it stand out. An example of this is Amy’s Kitchen’s pasta sauces. While the container is a standard glass jar, the company added a paper gold bow over the lid.

It’s almost impossible not to notice this jar when walking down the aisle at the grocery store.

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4. Add Personalization

You may want to reduce costs by boxing items in a plain, dull brown carton. Try to avoid this.

You don’t want boring packaging. Take time to explore new packaging ideas that better identify with your brand and what you offer.

Keep in mind, the box you are using is a product, too. Choose a design that will appeal to your customers. You may want to add your business logo to make the packaging more memorable and catchier.

While it depends on your niche, you can wrap your items in custom-made paper or choose a sturdier box.

If you sell something that many other companies offer too, try to find an innovative way to display it. Simple, sleep and modern designs will stand out. Try using clean lines, sans serif fonts, and simple colors to create the modern look you are going for.

5. Use Hang Tags

As the name implies, hangtags hang off your product.

However, before using this, you have to consider if your product is right for using a hangtag.

The products that work best with hangtags include bottles, clothing, and other durable items.

You need to consider what the best way is to attach the hang tags. Options include things like zip ties, swift-tacks, and strings. It is also important to consider the amount of time it will take to attach them to the product.

Hang tags are a good option because they are similar to a business card and can be printed in several foils, colors, or stocks for an affordable price.

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6. Add Inserts

Adding an insert is an effective way to increase things like order size, customer loyalty, and word of mouth. Also, these inserts don’t cost very much.

You can retrofit the business card design and create an insert if desired. You can print several hundred of these to use as a template and then write the codes as needed.

Another option is postcards. These are large enough to write a personal note on. Including a handwritten note is trending in packaging today.

In fact, quite a few retailers have already had success with this.

Now You Have Effective and Innovative Package Design Ideas

If you are looking for new package design ideas that will help you improve the look of your product, consider the options above. Using these innovative options will help ensure your package is noticed and may even help you sell more.

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