4 Amazing Benefits of Consistent Branding Your Business Is Missing Out On

Did you know that having a consistent brand identity could increase your revenue by up to 23%? Your brand is your most valuable asset, and having consistent branding is valuable and worth investing in. 

Why is brand consistency important? Here are 4 amazing benefits for your business:

1. Look Professional and Credible

Consistent branding makes you look much more professional. Having an inconsistent look and feel can be damaging to your brand’s reputation, especially when it comes to tone of voice. Consistency tells your audience that you are a professional business that they want to buy from, even if your business is small or new. 

If your brand is known for being professional and serious, and then you suddenly start making jokes on social media, it looks strange to your customers. Your audience wants your brand to have a personality that they can learn and understand, and maintaining brand consistency is a crucial part of that.

2. Make Your Brand Memorable

People memorize brand logos, colors, and fonts subconsciously. Having a consistent brand identity is a powerful way to create brand recognition and stay front of mind for your audience.

When your branding is consistent, your customers will start to associate your style, creative elements, and tone with your company, which is an extremely effective marketing tactic for brand awareness and recall. This means they will be much more likely to remember your business when considering who to buy from.

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3. Build Brand Trust

Consumers trust brands they recognize. Having a consistent experience across all of your channels is associated with providing consistently good quality products or good services. So if your branding isn’t on point, you’re likely to be less trusted and have fewer sales.

Consistent branding builds confidence in your brand, making them more likely to purchase. It helps your audience know what to expect. If you ordered from a brand and their logo was in a different font, it would look like a fake. Small details like this are powerful and important.

4. Make Marketing Easier

When you have clear visuals and personality for your brand, it makes marketing much easier. Things like creating marketing collateral, digital ads, and social media content are quick and simple when you have clear-cut brand guidelines that you can adhere to. 

If you need support with maintaining brand consistency for your online store, the experts at Axomo can support you with this and answer any questions you may have.

Creating Consistent Branding

If you’re wondering how to create consistent branding for your business, the best way to get started is to create brand guidelines. 

Strong branding means not only having consistent imagery and tone of voice but also actually enforcing it. Only a quarter of businesses that have branding guidelines are enforcing them consistently. Show your audience who you are, and why they should buy from you with consistent brand delivery.

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