5 Tips For an Eye-Catching Billboard in San Antonio

There are plenty of marketing strategies to choose when you hope to improve your revenue. Many people use online marketing through social media posts or web ads. But a tried and true method is billboard campaigns.

Besides being above eye level, billboards have always stood out to customers. However, there are specific ways that make that possible. If you’re planning to use this as your marketing strategy, here are a few tips to help it stand out.

1. Choose Your Billboard Type

When you think of billboards, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably the old-fashioned wallpaper billboards you see hanging over highways or buildings. Nothing’s wrong with that style, but if you want a more modern feel, you’ll need to consider digital billboards too.

Digital billboards give your business a completely different feel than traditional ones. Plus, there isn’t as much upkeep. On the other hand, you could occasionally deal with a few technical issues that wouldn’t be your fault. 

Regardless of what you choose and your location, you’ll still attract a few new customers. For example, let’s say your market is Texas; having San Antonio billboards will be beneficial since it’s the second most populated city in the state. So that’s a lot of eyes and traffic for your billboard.

2. Spend Your Money Wisely

Billboards aren’t cheap, especially when you want to ensure you have the best of the best. The price, however, will depend on your location and billboard style. A billboard in San Antonio will cost a little over $1,000 for a particular type. 

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Does your product symbolize the times? Or is there are more nostalgic feel? While a modern touch may benefit at times, it may be out of touch with your brand. As mentioned above, you’ll need to consider what’s best for your business. You don’t want to spend money on a billboard that doesn’t represent your brand well.

3. Think About the Design

A lot of planning goes into billboard campaigns because they need to be effective quickly. Remember, the first impression is key, so the most efficient way to catch someone’s attention is by having a killer design. But this is where the hard part starts; what kind of design would be best?

Eye-popping colors are sure to make people look twice at your billboard. Once they do, what will your message say? Do you want big, small, or no words at all? These are the things you’ll need to consider for your billboard design. And the same goes for digital billboards. Although technology makes them easily designable, you’ll need to factor in effective communication. However, there’s more room to be creative with the message. 

4. Find the Best Location

Another tip to help your billboard stand out is its location. You’ve driven or walked past many billboards before, whether on the highway or walking down the street. They were in your line of sight even though you didn’t follow up. 

A good location will make all the difference. The key is ensuring that it’s financially viable for your business. For example, depending on your product, it may do your company good to have your San Antonio billboard in a place where there’s rush hour traffic. You may even want to install one where tourists frequent. Think about the location carefully because it will give your business the opportunity to flourish.

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5. Make a Lasting Impression With Your Call to Action

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a call to action. It gets customers through the door and more money into your business. So if you want your billboard campaign to be effective, you’ll need to have a solid call to action.

Action phrases like “call this” or “Visit our website” have excellent potential. They’re giving interested people a way to take their curiosity to the next step. You can also have indirect calls to action that use certain buzzwords to draw people to your company. If you were offering tax advice, the word “taxes” would pique anyone’s interest because it’s an essential part of life. So they will likely follow up without you asking them to.

Follow These Tips to Create an Eye-Catching Billboard

Billboard campaigns aren’t straightforward. But if you follow the suggestions above, you’ll be able to install an eye-catching billboard with no hassle. Think about the type and design. Furthermore, consider its location and the message you want to convey to make it stand out from competitors.


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