A complete guide to Social Media Marketing & its Role in SEO 2020

With the world going online, and the physical and emotional context of our lives almost fusing in symbiosis with the internet, businesses cannot but work towards incorporating social media marketing as an indelible part of the promotion and marketing of product service or an idea. The advantages and impact of social media marketing though unable to supplement any other function complement each promotional activity. Today there are a host of social media marketing companies that employ various social media marketing tools and social media marketing plan to cater to every niche and genre. The importance of social media marketing cannot be ignored as such. Today a multitude of options in terms of social media marketing packages and social media marketing strategies are provided by social media marketing companies in India.

[su_quote]“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.”

~Paul Barron(@paulbarron)[/su_quote]

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The social media strategy and social media campaign is all about making your brand visible. To catch that eye of the user as he scrolls. It is more than telling and informing the users but instead quite close to verbal marketing and word of mouth publicity where recommendations and references from peers and friends are more trusted than the review or brand image.

( A glimpse into the vast world of social media  marketing and how does it along with search engine optimization affect the overall branding, ranking and reach of a website, product, service or idea.)

Take for instance the success behind the social media  Marketing campaign of DOMINO’S, the pizza moughal. The brand’s innovations include tweet-to-order and the recently introduced ‘DOM The Pizza Bot’, an irreverent little Messenger bot that lets customers order their usual with a couple of clicks in their favorite chat app. You can almost decide all the ingredients covering the toppings, cheese, and crust before you finally order the pizza. This personalized experience already has the customers swooning.

Before we delve deeper, let’s discuss a few obvious Questions.

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What is social media marketing?

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The obvious question that scratches our mind. To put it simply,

Anything (be it products, services, brands, campaigns, social causes, contests)that is marketed i.e sold, or promoted for awareness, action, purchase or publicity, using social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc is Social Media Marketing.

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It is not a one-dimensional image but layers of strategically placed and organized strategies that transpire together to make the customer the focal point of every activity of the brand. These may include several types of social media including posts, hashtags, events, pages, tweets, pins, pings, feedback and responses to these feedback. To reach in a way so as to provide a personal touch to your relationship with the customers. With over 2 billion users on Facebook, it becomes essential to tap the advantages of social media marketing to let your brand become a household name or imprint a new one.
An oft-cited example. In an age of social media promotion, Dove tries to give a steady and impactful social message that stands out as marketing that’s more than just marketing.
Dove’s Self Esteem Project has encompassed various campaigns, from #nolikesneeded to #speakbeautiful.

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Benefits of social media marketing?

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  1. The main impetus behind these social media campaigns is that in spite of the huge visibility one can opt for, social media is practically free.
  2. With the internet generation zig-zagging their life, these social media platforms provide Huge customer base potential
  3.  Most personalized impact an direct contact with the users can yield mind-blowing growth and loyalty for a brand.
  4.  These free branding campaigns can lend an entirely new and unique image to a brand or organization. The need is to strategically fit the pieces of the various jigsaw puzzle or social media platforms as per the utilitarian needs.
  5.  Social media marketing is there to complement each activity taken online along with the happenings in the physical stores or arena.
  6.  When in Sync with search engine optimization tools or other such SEO practices, the website accompanying the posts can almost expect huge rush and welcoming traffic to further generate revenues.

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How are social media marketing and Search engine optimization related?

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If we try and study the patterns and connections within the top websites on google and their social media campaigns, we can find a strong link between the search engine optimization techniques and social media marketing. Search engine optimization is about gaining more visibility and getting more people to organically visit your website.

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 An effective social media strategy should have a solid SEO plan in place because both of them go hand and in hand. The right social media content published at the right intervals not only affects your social media campaigns but also get indexed by search engines and boost the overall visibility. Search engines give a lot of weight to a website’s authority, and that makes it a critical SEO factor to focus on. As you keep publishing good quality content and gain more relevant backlinks, your authority keeps growing.

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How does social media marketing helps in SEO?

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Getting More Quality backlinks helps a lot to improve the website ranking in search engines.

According to a study conducted by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot,

[su_quote]‘ There is a definite, positive correlation between the number of social media shares your content has and the amount of backlinks.’[/su_quote]

Building a Strong Audience after having created a great product is the next step toward great marketing. The firms and marketers can always take advantage of the early adopters who help in establishing a brand image by word of mouth marketing.

Growing your audience and building a strong brand is a huge part of any online marketing campaign, social media marketing being no different. Your social media profiles and pages help you create a relationship with your chosen set of audience.
The marketer needs to Learn What the Audience Wants. By looking into the various types of conversations users have on the social media, you can gain insights into their needs and wants. This can help you create content that suits and fits their needs, which in turn gives Google and other search engines what they’re looking for.
One needs to lay stress on not only the type of audience that has to be targeted but also the quality of the content that as to be served to the people.
The purpose of social sharing is to ensure your content reaches more people. By connecting your brand to a larger segment of the social web through content that is targeted, you increase the reach of your message, thereby improving the brand’s visibility.
By optimizing your profiles with relevant content you can create multiple mediums for people to learn about your website and your business. Making sure your social profiles are consistent with your website is easiest and has the farthest reach.
Images are powerful when it comes to conveying a message and expressing your thought. They play a key role in SEO as well. optimize your images for search by using the keyword in the file name, add the right alt text using relevant surrounding text. They should form a part of all social media campaigns of yours.

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There are a number of successful ventures and companies that provide top quality social media marketing tools and packages to cater to every kind of business possible. Some of the top social media marketing companies include big names such as Pinstormranked among the best SEO agencies in the world. the next in the wishlist is WATConsult, specifically belonging to Marketing and advertising agency now under Dentsu Aegis network. the third winner in the list is Gozoop, a top-rated social media agency in Mumbai that believes in optimizing your brand through humanizing it. BCWebWise is another big name in the social media marketing arena. Company’s expertise extends over a wide range of Social Media Services from website and content development, social media & search marketing, online marketing, mobile marketing.

Here at MYWISECART as well you can find top-notch social media marketing services and plans to suit your every need. we try and supply every nitty gritty of social media services ranging from website development to content development, SEO services and specialize in all kinds of internet marketing ranging from social media blogs, posts, pages, hashtags and much more to tap the audience in the favor of the brand. Here’s a list of assorted packages to choose from at enticing prices. We also provide custom made and tailored packages to entertain the needs of various business profiles to cope up in the times of changing scenarios. Have a look and grab the deal!

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We at consider the customers as the king. Just choose the package that suits you and parcel us the details via communication and relax.  It will us who would do the talking and working next. Be assured to get the best out of your website and with traffic and prospective customers magnetized through the enriching and personalized social media campaigns.

I hope the above insights into social media marketing and is versatility were enriching in aspects to you all.  Feel free to post in your comments and do let us know your what else you would like us to bring forth for you.  Till then keeping browsing and stay in touch.

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