The Main 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Team Out Of The Office

1. It Boosts Satisfaction

Feeling satisfied with the company to which they are part and the work they do is crucial if your workers are to be productive and be motivated to achieve their goals. Employee satisfaction also helps to reduce absenteeism and lack of concentration at work.

2. It Promotes Employee Loyalty

Keeping your employees loyal to your company and brand is a matter of cost. The lower the employee turnover in a particular department is, the more effective it will be. Replacing an employee at a basic level can often cost anywhere between 30 and 50 percent of their yearly wages, and up to 400 percent if you are replacing a department head or manager.

Planning virtual team-building activities when you can’t get outside the office strengthens the staff-company relationship and promotes loyalty to the business.

3. It Enhances The Relationship Between Personal Life and Works

Stress, low motivation, and lack of adequate time to reconcile personal life and work often lead to an employee choosing to leave the company and look for greener pastures. Planning rewarding, fun and original team-building activities outside the workplace helps to add a touch of fun to the normal day-to-day company operations, as well as reduce stress and break the routine.

4. It Helps To Improve Communication

The normal avenues of communication among colleagues and teams are a constraint, and many times, you may probably know someone you talk to frequently, but you’ve never met face to face. It is commonly said that being able to “put a face to a name” is important, and often we don’t award it the value it deserves.

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v is extremely crucial for employees, and a lot of details can be lost in phone calls and e-mails that would otherwise help use to understand what a person is really like. The information we convey in phone calls and emails contributes to dehumanizing communication.

Meetings are usually formal and in most cases, there is not enough time to really understand our co-worker’s priorities and what situation they are in. Getting to know each other better, putting faces to names, and having one-to-one interactions can significantly improve future communication between employees.

5. It Promotes Collaboration

This last point is closely related to the previous one. Taking your employees out of their daily work schedule forces them to break from their usual routine. This in turn forces them to relate to each other in a more relaxed environment, with fewer formalities, and in an overall different way. This allows them to approach each other in a more casual manner. This helps to improve collaboration because seeing your co-workers as actual human beings with feelings and emotions helps us to better comprehend the needs of others, and thereby improve our relationships. Individuals become more involved and better disposed when asked to work together or collaborate.

The goal of this kind of group meeting is not merely to have some fun, even though that is crucial if they are to work together and be productive. The main goal is to enhance the personal relationship between employees because ultimately, your workforce is the soul of your company and everyone has a role to play. If your workers have a strong and solid relationship, the wheels of the company will turn with more efficiency and strength.

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