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Los Angeles’ Neighborhoods: 6 Areas You Can Explore by Car

Los Angeles is the coveted dream of many travelers. Together with the suburbs, it makes up one of the most numerous urban agglomerations on the planet, stretching along the Pacific Ocean for more than 70 kilometers.visit here

Each of its neighborhoods has something interesting and as a visitor to the city, you have a great opportunity to explore them in a rental car. Pick up a 24 hour rent a car LAX airport and go on a road trip immediately after landing.

Plenty of entertainment, amazing sights, gorgeous ocean beaches, mind-blowing shopping and the opportunity to meet global celebrities: start enjoying Los Angeles’ neighborhoods now!

Long Beach


Long Beach is the largest port city, named after its long and wide beaches. The city is located 20 km south of downtown Los Angeles, so it will take you not more than 15 minutes to get there in your rental car.

The best place for a beach holiday in Long Beach is Alamitos Bay. In terms of tourist attraction, Long Beach loses to other cities in Los Angeles County, but it also has its own interesting places.

For example, set off to the ocean liner Queen Mary, which houses a museum, hotel and restaurants. Alternatively, visit one of the largest oceanarium in the United States.

Other highlights of Long Beach include Naples Island, with its expensive houses and wonderful canals, as well as the popular Belmont Shores.



The coastal city of Malibu is the diamond in the crown of Los Angeles. The resort is located approximately 45 kilometers from downtown. The easiest way to get there is with a car rental vehicle, following the California State Route 1.

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Malibu is primarily famous for its magnificent sandy beaches, which are located along the 40-kilometers-long coastal strip.

The most popular beaches are Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach, providing ideal conditions for swimming and enjoying such water sports as surfing, windsurfing, body surfing, diving, kiteboarding, and bodyboarding.

The coastal resort is a home to many Hollywood actors, musicians and singers, while numerous films, TV shows and music videos were filmed there.

The list of interesting places in Malibu also includes the Garden of Heroes, the Adamson House, the Getty Villa, and the Weisman Art Museum.

Redondo Beach


Redondo Beach is a small but very popular coastal town located in the southwest of Los Angeles. You obviously won’t regret if you rent a car and go there.

Cultural rest in the city is limited, but it’s fully compensated by the magnificent sandy beaches. They provide the ideal conditions for a complete and relaxing holiday, attracting numerous travelers and sports lovers there. It’s a perfect place to practice such sports as volleyball, surfing, and yachting. 

The Seaside Lagoon Park is a very popular local destination: the beach, sand, sports grounds, playgrounds for children, slides, a bar and picnic tables. What else do you need for a lovely family vacation?

The Riviera Village shopping area with numerous shops and boutiques is also worth visiting. As for sightseeing, explore the Redondo Beach Historical Museum.

Santa Monica


Santa Monica is located approximately 23 km from downtown Los Angeles, making a rental car the easiest way of getting there. The five-kilometers-long coastal strip of the resort is occupied by stunning sandy beaches. Santa Monica Beach is the most popular spot among them. It’s located next to the pier, where you can’t only sunbathe and swim, but also surf, play volleyball, take a bike ride.

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The beach is also popular for the numerous movies filmed there, so if you’re lucky, you can watch this fascinating process.

In addition to the beaches, there are many restaurants, pubs, and cafes in the city. Shopping fans will be happy to visit local malls and boutiques.

Manhattan Beach


The city is located in the southwestern part of Los Angeles. Beautiful Manhattan Beach is a prestigious and affluent area with beautiful and expensive houses and parks.

It’s renowned for its superb beautiful sandy beach, ideal for a full relaxation. Near the beach there are tennis courts, golf courses, a baseball field, and an interesting rock garden.

An international surfing festival and an open beach volleyball tournament are held there annually in August.

Among the other interesting sights in Manhattan Beach are the Church of St. Margaret Mary, the Synagogue, as well as a very beautiful Pier, from which you can admire the ocean panorama.

Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is located in western part of the Los Angeles County. The city is very beautiful, cozy and well-groomed. Driving around the area in an exotic rental car will make you feel like a celebrity. 

This paradise town will appeal to the fans of entertainment and shopping, as there are many fashionable restaurants, bars, nightclubs, entertainment complexes and high-end shops.

On Rodeo Drive, the main shopping area of ​​the area, you will find prestigious shops and boutiques. They sell clothes, shoes, leather goods, perfumes, and jewelry from the world’s most famous brands.

Walking through the streets lined with beautiful palm trees, parks and gardens, as well as visiting art galleries, museums and antique shops will also be a great pleasure available there.

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