Get a New App to Create a New Indoor Running Experience

If you hate going to the gym but still want to be fit and better, then there are a number of ways in which you can do this. Probably the best and the most inexpensive thing is to start indoor running. But let us be truthful. Running itself is not an interesting thing to do, let alone running alone in your living room on an old treadmill. 

What if you can explore the world and still be inside your room? Or to be precise, what if you could stay inside your room, running on your treadmill and at the same time, feel the adventure of exploring unknown places around the world? Or maybe even other worldly experiences? visit here

Vingo is a new fitness training app that enables all these. You can find the perfect time for you to workout without compromising on your daily schedules. This app comes with an exciting gameplay, in which you can explore new places by exercising in the real world. 

This way the app provides mental stimulus to help you stay motivated. But wait, that is not all. You can make new connections with people who are exploring the same area.

Explore a New Location Any Time

On Vingo you can choose a location that you can virtually explore. All the locations on the app are designed in an exciting and realistic way. All you need to do is to install the app on your phone or smart TV or even your tablet. Then connect your treadmill with the app. 

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Modern treadmills come with in-built sensors that make it easy to connect with the app. Even if you have an old one, you can easily find an ANT+ sensor to make the connection easy and seamless. 

ANT+ sensors are available on common ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. That is all, you never have to look at the blank wall or get lost in your thoughts. The app will create a wonderful experience of online running, where you can connect with new people, virtually. 

Best Features of the App

Create your own likeness inside the game with the avatars. It is easy to make one on the basis of your photo. Interact with strangers and your friends using the avatar. The voice chat feature enables this. When you are near another avatar inside the game, you can start speaking and it will be heard by them.

Take your friends, family or colleagues on this exciting trip. You can also create virtual communities and form a team or even a clan of players. Vingo is more than just an online running app. It is a game and virtual reality app and a mini social network. With the app, no moment is dull. 

You can track your running activity easily. Of course, you don’t need any smart sensors other than the ones on your treadmill. The best news is, you can create a free account today. Otherwise it could cost more than $15/month. Stop thinking & get your app today.

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