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How to Rent a Car in Washington DC for Youngsters

Washington DC is the USA capital. It lies in the northeast on the Potomac River. Here are the unique landmarks and buildings. You see the White House, the residence of the US President, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. Create your route. We will show young drivers how to rent a good car in the Columbia region. You may start doing that right after reading the following tips! Let’s go!visit here

Local driving age regulations

Anyone who reaches 16 can get a learner driving permit, and those who turn 18 may apply for a Full driving license. These actions have certain conditions. Check them ahead if you plan to get the documents in Columbia. What about minimal age for car rental in DC? It depends on the providing companies. Some of them have offers for students who just got DL, while others offer services when a customer is 21 years old. Both of them need to set additional daily fees. This way, they cover the risks caused by clients with less experience on the road. When searching on the vehicle provider website, you indicate your age, select dates, and the desired car. Then, you get the price with the fees. Do some research to find the most reasonable option. The earlier you start, the better!

How to choose wheels?

If you are new, the broad selection of options may be confusing. It is challenging to check all the metrics and available cars. However, who said you need them all? Take a look at the purpose of your trip and the number of people who go with you. Do not forget about the baggage compartment. Thus, if you want to navigate inside the city from a hotel, you might take a closer look at cars of compact size. They are small and convenient to park. Besides, you do not need all the bags to be handy. On the opposite, if you gear up for a road trip to Baltimore or Richmond, you need a spacious vehicle for a comfortable drive. Then, consider renting an SUV or full-size car. You can find them even in economy class. There are many options for travelers. As long as you can pre-order online, do not postpone doing that with car rental under 25 Washington DC. Thus, you will find good wheels, not for all money in the world. 

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The pick-up and drop-off sites

That is also essential to look through the list of locations where you may take and drop off a car, not only near Washington DC airport. That is an opportunity to decide on the go and be flexible in time. Imagine you, by chance, change your itinerary and want to travel by train to another city with such locations. You make a deal via app or website and come to sign all the documents and get the keys. The car rental network is advanced and convenient. As well, the prices may slightly deviate from the addresses. The more popular location, like the airport or city center, the more money you pay. Thus, think of choosing some registration offices in the suburbs. You will admire them!

Documents required

Pay attention to formalities! When you receive an e-voucher on your email address, you get the list of all the required documents. Usually, there is a need for your ID, driving license, and credit card. Ensure that these are valid, with a distant expiration date and your name. You have to put enough money in your account to cover the expenses plus funds for a deposit. The latter means the action of your bank when it freezes some costs. It is obligatory to secure some accidents or fees you may face during your trip. However, do not worry, as you will receive the money in your order in a few weeks after you drop off the car. In addition, you will be suggested to buy insurance. Do that without hesitation! Just make sure you are not buying it double. That often happens because companies already add some other insurance in the final price. You may find out that later but pay without noticing that. Clarify that with your agent at the registration desk.

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Consider additional expenses


Free miles

Rental cars under 25-years-olds services offer all the potential clients cars with the miles limitation. First, you get the attractive price to drive within the range of 1000 miles. Then, if a driver occasionally needs more, the services ask for a small extra payment per mile. All that sounds reasonable. It is hard to imagine that you may need these thousand miles just to get to the Capitol and back to a hotel. Yet, plans may change, and who denies the opportunity to see some more landmarks even outside the city? Thus, better take the free miles option. Yes, you will pay more at once, but you will not draw your attention to calculating the distance. Finally, you will not get a bill with huge numbers. 

Full-to-Full option

You may apply the same approach to the fuel. Select the Full-to-Full option. Thus, you receive a fully fueled vehicle and promise to give it back in the same state to the rental office. That will save you both money and time!


There were primary tips to follow when you plan to drive to Washington DC. Use them and rent the best car. Have a great time in the Capital of the USA!

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