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2022 Starter Upgrades for Your Jeep or Truck

Got a new Jeep or truck over the holiday? Shopping for upgrades for an older model Jeep or 4×4? Choosing gear for your vehicle can be exciting, but you need a solid plan to pick the right parts. And if you’re new to upgrade shopping, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. This short guide introduces some excellent starter upgrades that improve your performance off the road. 

Wheels & Tires

Even if you’re a novice off-roader, you understand that you must buy tires that best match the terrain you ride on. But sometimes, that’s a little easier said than done. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about the terrain you drive on the most. For riders who venture on multiple types, investing in all-terrains may be the wisest move. 

One great all-around performer is the Pro Comp A/T Sport tire. It features a durable all-terrain rubber compound, plus tread blocks with multi-directional cuts and sweeping grooves to displace water and keep the tire in contact with the ground. Multiple block shapes also cut down on noise when you’re driving on pavement. The A/T Sport comes in several sizes, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for 37 inch all terrain tires


Suspension is another vital part of your off-road vehicle’s performance. You want the best quality parts you can buy, but they must also meet your specific needs. What you buy depends on whether you want a full suspension lift or a body lift only. Keep in mind that a full suspension lift gives you more ground clearance, but it also boosts ride height and may help you equip bigger tires. 

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Some top lift kit options for Jeeps include those from Rubicon Express. You’ll find standard kits with no shocks, but Rubicon Express also has kits with Piggyback Monotube Resi plus Extreme Duty monotube and twin-tube shocks. 


Smart off-roaders don’t ride without a winch. But what type of winch should you get? Some factors to consider include the weight of your vehicle, the type of terrain you travel and how you plan to use a winch. You may want a solid across-the-board performer like Smittybilt’s X20 Gen2 10K model. This Smittybilt winch packs in a decent amount of power — in fact, it sports a 6.6 HP motor and an IP68 waterproof rating plus a line pull rating of 10,000 pounds. With synthetic rope cables and an integrated wireless remote feature, the X20 is a workhorse with the convenience and dependability to get you out of any jam. 

More Upgrade Ideas

Suspension, tires, wheels and winches are just a few starter upgrades you’ll want to consider. As you get deeper into off-roading, you’ll likely want other upgrades such as a Jeep TJ hard top, auxiliary lighting or all-weather floor mats. Whatever you choose, you should purchase your upgrades from a reputable aftermarket parts and accessories retailer that specializes in off-road products. With better quality, durability and performance, your upgrades can serve you well during each off-roading excursion. 

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