Ways to Clean Your Bong Properly

Marijuana legalizing and decriminalizing is happening across most states as more Americans start to get smoke. You may be a season box smoker or beginning to take up water pipe; maintaining your marijuana-taking equipment is essential. You cannot compromise on keeping your smoking pieces in perfect working order because otherwise, it will undermine your health. Whenever your artful glass gets some stink inside it, you should be looking for either a new product or cleaning the existing one. 

Experts say that most folks prefer bongs for their water filtration qualities. The job of bong water is to collect the gnarly stuff out of this smoke. As you cannot use unhygienic paper on your skin, just like this, you cannot use the same bong water multiple times. The bacteria and smoke residues gather inside the bong, and they can be the reason for cough, which may further lead to many serious lung issues. That is why cleaning your bong is essential to avoid serious health hazards, and you should clean it regularly.

The rules of smoking are similar to the laws of eating. It means that whatever we have in the smoke will get into our bodies. So, fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses can grow inside the bong to enter our respiratory system, causing severe health-related problems sooner or later. This is the main reason why taking care of your bong pipes is so important. It would be best if you made it as important as the cleanliness of flowers has for you. 

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So, while there may be disagreement between the opinion of experts regarding the nature of health hazards that can be a result of uncleaned bongs, they all agree that clean bongs are essential to make smoking enjoyable. 

What is the right time to clean a bong?

Whenever you see that a ring is emerging around the waterline of your bong, it will be time for its cleaning. However, some bongs don’t show this line due to design variations. Instead, users see resin, weed, and residues floating on top when some purified water is poured into it. These things contain particles that combine with bacteria and mildew to create a specific smell of bong. So cleaning the bong once every week is suggested. A lot of dangerous things will wash away as a result. You can increase this duration of cleaning the bong by dumping some water after using it to clean it immediately. Taking these steps will take only a few seconds to complete however this will ensure a clean usage of smoking products. 

What is the right way to clean a bong in the opinion of experts?

Cleaning bong does not require any fancy solution. The classic technique of mixing salt in alcohol and using this cleans your bong perfectly. Most people have these two things available in different shapes at home. 

So, while cleaning, you should first pour in 99% isopropyl alcohol inside the bong, which will be followed by salt. You can use rock salt for its abrasive qualities. Now you should shake your bong a few times, then use water and soap for rinsing it properly. Some people use rice and vinegar in place of alcohol and salt. This method also works very well, but it’s not as effective as the alcohol and start technique is.

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Commercial bong cleaning products are also available for anybody to buy. However, most of these are not better than alcohol and salt solution. Isopropyl alcohol and rock salt do their trick like no one else. This technique has been used historically. It does not twist anything, including the water that you use to clean up the bongs at the end

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