Realistic Sex Dolls

If you are single and don’t have a sex partner for this evening, it can be very stressful for each man. However, you have a chance to completely change this situation. It is necessary to purchase a realistic sex doll that will have your favorite parameters. Do you like skinny little Asian girls or plump Latina butts? Everything is possible with our full-size sex dolls that will completely replace your woman.

What is a realistic sex doll?

A realistic sex doll is a type of adult toy that completely matches the size and appearance of your dream sex partner. This toy has a full-size mouth for a blowjob, ahead with shiny eyes, elastic breasts, vagina, anus, and movable long legs on hinges. 

Many sex dolls are equipped with a vibration function, sound speakers, and other pleasant functions that can be turned off, according to your preferences. 


The choice of body weight for a doll is one of the most important criteria. There are 3 main types of such products:

  •         Light dolls. The lightest and most compact sex dolls. Their weight can be no more, than 8 – 12 kg. It is easy to fold and storage them, but, at the same time, the feeling of a real partner is lost.
  •         Middle-weight dolls. Recommended for beginners. Dolls weigh from 20 to 30 kg and are much cheaper than full-sized items, but they can help to receive enjoyment.
  •         Full-weight dolls. The most expensive and realistic products for advanced users. The weight of such toys can exceed 40 kg, and they completely repeat the shape, the elasticity of the body, and other features of real women.
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Height / size

The size of the doll is also so important for the user. Despite the pleasure of using it, the product should be convenient to store. Often people prefer to hide their favorite toy from strangers. There are also 3 basic types of sex doll sizes:

  •         Portable realistic pelvic part with anus and vagina. These dolls don’t have bodies, heads, and legs, but their front and back holes are always ready for deep penetration.
  •         The body of the doll can be with or without a head or arms. You can always touch the strong chest during sex and enjoy the waist with a cute belly button. 
  •         Full-sized realistic sex dolls – they are total copies of a real person, and their size is from 5 to 6/5 inches, which is very suitable for the real male or female average height. 

Materials for realistic sex dolls

The sex industry has stopped producing dolls from cheap plastic a long time ago. Today on the market you can meet modern materials, which are described in detail below. 

Silicone realistic sex dolls

Unique transformable products are made of soft, elastic, and hypoallergenic material. These dolls will not only give you real pleasure but will also help you to change your sexual life. These products are equipped with adjustable features to change the face, which will allow you to make love with a new woman every day.

Jelly-plastic realistic sex dolls

This modern material is very similar to silicone, but softer when touching. There is a steel skeleton inside the doll, which adds to its body the necessary weight. Such products are considered premium items and they will give you real pleasure.

Clothes and soft sex dolls

These dolls cannot be called realistic, as they look more like anime characters. However, many men have such a fetish and enjoy having sex with plush toys. For such purposes, in the vaginal area, dolls are equipped with comfortable silicone or latex materials.

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Air-pump sex dolls

An excellent option for users who don’t have enough free space to store the product. The dolls are made of PVC, with bulges in the head, arms, anus, and vagina.

Female sex dolls

This type of product is usually intended for men. In this case, the market offers a wide range of female dolls with different sizes of breasts and vaginas, anus, mouths, hair length, and skin color.

Male sex dolls

Gays and women can also pamper themselves with a rubber boy, which is equipped with a full-length penis and balls. For your enjoyment, these dolls also have a full-sized anus.

Another types of sex dolls

In addition to the basic types, you can also buy special categories of realistic sex dolls, the appearance of which will satisfy your wildest fantasies:

  •         Dolls – porn stars – if you’ve ever dreamed of being in the same bed with the most famous ladies from adult movies – today you have this chance.
  •         Latina – have these hot dark-skinned girls with huge breasts and asses been stirring up your fantasies for a long time and come to you in your dreams? Stop dreaming – just buy this doll and you will be able to enjoy sex with such a beauty.
  •         Do you often visit the gym? If yes, would you like to sleep with one of these muscular fitness instructors? To satisfy your desires, we have these kinds of sex dolls.
  •         Blondes are considered to be dim-witted and silly girls. But how many men dream about sex with a blonde woman? In the assortment of our sex dolls, you will find the blonde of your dreams.
  •         Black hot girls have also long been the adored of thousands of men. For the European race, such women have always been exotic, but with our toys, you can feel her next to you in bed.
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Probably every middle-aged man dreamed of having sex with a young girl of 18 years old. Morality often wins, but in this case, there are our wonderful dolls that will help you to fulfill your innermost fantasies.

How to use it?

When using a realistic sex doll, it is important to get pleasure, but at the same time, we must not forget about the rules of its use and safety:

  •         Don’t use it near to the open fire – when heat, some components can be toxic.
  •         If you cannot find the notice, that the product is waterproof, better not to use it in a shower.
  •         Please, try to avoid buying plastic dolls, because some components of these materials can cause an allergy. It is better to choose silicone or TPE eco-polymer toys. 
  •         Please, use the condom, if you use this doll with your partners. It will help you to avoid the infection. 
  •         When using the silicone doll, it will be better to prepare and heat it under the blanket. 
  •         Try not to scratch the gentle surface with your nails, teeth, or same appliances.
  •         After each use, please, wash your toy with warm soap water. Especially pay attention to vaginal and anal channels, and also all parts where you touch it with your penis. The best way is to spray the sanitizer after cleaning.
  •         Always use a lubricant to decrease the friction, which will exclude the risk of hurting the skin of your penis.

So, if you will follow these simple rules, you will enjoy your doll for long years, and it will be the best addition to the real woman when you are alone, or you can always refresh your relationship with your wife by the gang-bang imitation without any real betrayal. 


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