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4 Signs To Look Out For When You Need a New Door

Light Appears Through Your Door

If there is light sneaking through the door, whether it is between, under, or around the door, it could be a sign. What this means is heat is lost through the small gaps. A gap can seem small but allow a lot of heat to be lost. This is the same case when it comes to cold air getting inside the room through the door. A good high-performing door needs to be properly insulated because it is going to save you a lot of money on energy bills instead of increasing them. There are times when the problem can be solved using door weather seals, which are also referred to as weather strips. This is where you seal openings and prevent cold air from getting into your home. it also prevents rain and water from getting in through the external door.

You Feel a Chill

If you start feeling a chill when you stand next to the doors in addition to the above sign, then it is important to look at the problem because it might be serious. This problem is common in older, traditional properties. You can use draft stoppers to reduce the chill. This is not always going to solve the problem and they are permanent accessories. If you have this issue with your door, it could mean the door has a gap/crack or is poorly insulated and leaking. Or, your windows are also in need of replacing, KJM offers double glazing to help keep in the heat. When you start to feel the chill inside your home, you most likely reach out to your heating system to counteract it. This increases your energy bills and it is something you could have easily avoided. If you were to look at how much you are spending on heating and how much it costs to replace the door, then you will find out that a new door is going to be a far much better option.

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You are Finding it Hard to Close or Open Your Door

This is the most obvious sign that your door needs to be replaced. The door is not going to function the same way it did when you first installed it. If you are finding it a little harder to close or open the door, whether external or internal, there could be a problem. You shouldn’t be using a lot of force to open or close your door. There are a couple of reasons why this could be the case. One is the door not being properly installed. The door could have been exposed to general wear and tear or external elements over the years. Check out the hinge screws because you might have to tighten or alter them. Check the door jam to make sure it is flush with the frame.

Cracked or Peeling Paint

Another sign of wear and tear is the peeling or cracking of the door paint. While there are some who see this as a chance to try out a rustic or vintage look, it is not what you wanted the door to look at when you first purchased the door. Cracked or peeling paint can happen when the door hasn’t been treated or maintained with quality paint, varnish, or oil. You have to look at the severity so you can give it a coat of paint. If the problem is too serious, you might have to replace it with a new one. Try to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

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