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2020 & 2021 Simming Prize Winners Announced

The Simming Prize (formally The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis) honors exceptional people and organizations in the simming and play-by-post roleplaying communities. The Simming Prize is named after Seth Cotis, the founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance and a long-time Simming League leader.


Each year, up to five Simming Prizes are awarded to people or entities (games, clubs, or organizations) who (1) demonstrate service, quality, and devotion within the play-by-post online role-playing community; or (2) pioneer new technology or approaches within the community. The Prizes might be awarded for a major one-time achievement or long-term contributions. The honorific Simming Award Laureate can be used by individuals and entities who have won a prize.

The public can submit nominations at any time during the year. All nominations and subsequent debates are kept completely confidential. All of the year’s prizes are traditionally revealed simultaneously, usually early in the New Year for the previous year.

The winners of the 2021 Simming Prize (formally known as the Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis) were revealed last week. The 2021 class contains one person, one sim, and three groups, the same as the 2020 winners. It portrays the larger community well once again, with a varied spectrum of role-playing kinds. While one of the organizations was created in 2021, the other two celebrated their 20th-anniversary last year.


  • Theta Fleet’s Kathryn Burke: Kathryn Burke has evolved Theta Fleet into a simming powerhouse with an exceptionally broad range of games. She has served there from the club’s inception and continues to do so now. She’s also been highly involved in the community, holding events, advocating shared issues, and assisting others behind the scenes. Her kind demeanor is something we can all learn from.
  • Theta Memory: Memory Theta is one of the top role players on the internet today, excelling in all elements of simming. This crew always keeps things interesting from deep character development to intricate plot devices to taking the unexpected turn. Their dedication to excellence has been acknowledged several times, most recently when they won first place in the Tournament of Simulations.
  • ‘Souls RPG: Expected in a post-apocalyptic world devoid of humans but populated by various canid packs and bands, ‘Souls RPG is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021. Their real-time simming has resulted in rich club mythology and an exceptionally vivid unique story, making it a genuinely immersive culture. Few clubs, let alone one that isn’t based on a well-known property, can match the amount of stories found here.
  • 5th Fleet: 5th Fleet, a relative newcomer to the simulation industry, has found its feet in the last year. Their tiny size allows them to spend more resources on the sim level and offer all players a better input in club affairs instead of attempting to become a mega-club like so many others. Finally, their inclusive culture contributes to the game’s organic plot development and profound pleasure.
  • USF: Today, USF is a genuine rarity in the community since it still focuses mostly on chat-based role-playing, whereas practically all others operate only in the play-by-post realm. While maintaining faithful to its AOL roots and 1995 foundation, the distinctive aesthetic is as fresh as ever. Their longevity is a credit to the community culture and their commitment to the art, which can be seen in every conversation session.
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2020 Simming Prize Announcement


  • SJet of Canopus Station: A seasoned role player who always puts others first, SJet has seen it all and done it very well. He’s at ease as a player, a host, or even a club leader, and he’s constantly open to new ideas and comments and pivoting or changing plans when the scenario calls for it. As a result, his simulations are consistently excellent, and players are encouraged to explore things they would not be comfortable doing elsewhere.
  • Shattered Universe’s Mudwater PD: Mudwater PD is a hybrid simulation set in a unique science fiction fantasy universe that hits all the right notes while pushing the envelope. A varied collection of authors consistently pushes the plot in unexpected yet credible ways, almost seamlessly playing off one other’s various twists and turns. Each article is meticulously constructed, nearly becoming a mini-story in and of itself while being perfectly integrated into the overall.
  • Obsidian Fleet (Obsidian Fleet): Obsidian Fleet, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, has been a stronghold of high-quality role-playing since its start. The club has been involved in the broader simming world for years, holding big events like FallFest and Khitomer, and has fostered a tight and connected community inside it. Its concentration on the important elements has resulted in long-term stability and served as an example for others.
  • Zodiac Fleet: Zodiac Fleet, which will also be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, does the community and any club in existence today. Many clubs now hold live events regularly, but Zodiac’s has that uncommon “it” quality in which members feel a strong bond with both the club and one another. They have something for everyone with their very inventive role-playing, games, and more.
  • Sim Central: Sim Central, a newcomer to the scene in 2021, was created on a set of ideals to enable sims and hosts the freedom to function as they see fit while also bringing them all together as a cohesive organization. Sim Central has attained the much-desired balance in a relatively short time, which has been widely attempted but seldom effective. This has resulted in some of the greatest online simming in various genres.

Up to five Simming Prizes are given out each year to recognize people in the simming and online role-playing communities that go above and above in terms of service, quality, and devotion and those who pioneer new technology or approaches. The Prize can be awarded for a noteworthy one-time achievement or long-term contribution. Individuals and entities that receive the Simming Prize have the accolade Simming Prize Laureate attached to their names.

The Simming Prize was formed in the late 1990s by the Simming League, an organization that began on America Online but eventually moved to the internet. The Simming Prize has seen its transformations, with new sponsors and prize categories. Despite all, the Prize has endured and continues to be a beacon of hope.

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