Human Needs 101: The Importance of Mental Health

When people think of human needs, they think of access to food and water. This is very significant. 

But mental health needs are essential as well. More than 51 million Americans live with some sort of mental illness. Millions of people struggle to take care of themselves because their mental state is not secure. 

What exactly is psychological safety, and how can people achieve it? What goes into creating a safe environment for mental health? Why are feelings and emotions so important? 

Answer these questions and you can improve your mental well-being and meet all of your human needs. Here is your quick guide. 

Psychological Safety 

Many people don’t know about the importance of psychological safety. It is just as important as physical safety, as it allows people to be themselves and contribute to society. 

Inclusion is key to psychological safety. If someone feels excluded because of an immutable characteristic or a lifestyle choice, they will not feel safe. 

People should feel free to be vulnerable. Vulnerability may amount to expressing emotions that a person usually hides or disagreeing with a decision. 

Psychological safety allows societies to address social injustices. It is about more than affirmative action or representing disenfranchised people in the media. It is about person-to-person interactions that allow all individuals to feel normal in their own skin. 

Safe Environment 

A safe environment does include physical safety. Someone who worries about being hurt on a job site will not have great mental health. 

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But a safe environment must do more than offer a veneer of safety. It should incorporate things like natural lighting, which can uplift the mood and improve focus. Small gestures like having all desks at the same level indicate equality for all employees. 

Younger and less experienced people should feel comfortable speaking to more experienced people. If they have concerns, they should be able to say what is on their mind. This lets an organization grow and resolve mistakes before they start, improving morale. 

Feelings and Emotions 

Bottling up emotions can have a physical toll on the body. It can cause someone’s blood pressure to increase, and it can warp their self-esteem. Moreover, based on a trusty resource, anxiety and sadness may lead to bad behaviors like binge eating or excessive alcohol use, which can have long-term implications.

There is nothing wrong with crying, getting angry, or celebrating after a victory. Emotions let you process events and relax your body’s internal processes.

Individuals should have multiple ways of expressing their emotions. They should be able to talk to others about their feelings, including medical professionals. They should be able to channel their emotions into art, including paintings and stories. 

Meet Your Human Needs

You must meet your human needs to live a productive life. Ensure psychological safety through inclusion and compassion with others. Allow yourself and others to feel vulnerable. 

Use a few small gestures in your workplace and home to create safety. Letting in the sunshine can bolster the mood. 

When you feel an intense emotion, let it out. Use your words to describe what you are feeling and tell someone around you about yourself. See if you can create art that relates to your feelings. 

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Continue to take steps to improve your health. Find out more by following our coverage. 

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