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Humans’ fascination towards flowers is as old as time. For centuries, flowers have been known for their enticing fragrances and unique beauty. They not only beautify our gardens but also make for great gifting options. Be it the birthday roses or a bouquet on an anniversary, everybody loves receiving these blossoming beauties. With the advent of online shopping and services, now you can even send flowers to delhi, Pune, Kolkata and every corner of India. 


These unparalleled gifts of nature have their own sets of characteristics that are not just interesting but can also blow your mind. We are still unaware of all that a flower can possess and it is just unbelievable how intriguing they are.

Here are some lesser-known and interesting facts about flowers that you would love to know:


In the seventeenth century, Holland considered tulip bulbs as more precious than pure gold! Tulips were a symbol of love, life, and immortality. You will be surprised to know that in the 1630s, tulips became a kind of currency as Western Europe experienced a ‘tulip mania’ where people went into a frenzy for these flowers.

Colourful Tulips

The next time you buy a tulip bouquet online for a friend, you might be gifting them something as valuable as gold!

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Gas Plant


Burning bush, better known as Gas Plant, is named so because of its ability to give off a strong citrus-scented vapour through its seed pods, flowers, and leaves. During a summer night, you can even ignite it using a match. 

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Did you know that ancient Egyptians considered lotus as a very sacred flower? It was even put to use in the burial rituals. Lotuses usually blossom in damp wetlands and rivers. However, they stay dormant if a drought hits but can bloom again once the waters return.


This became a symbol of eternal life and resurrection for the Egyptians. In other parts of the world, the flower symbolizes serenity, purity, grace as well as beauty.

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When it comes to flowers, roses are a cult favourite among the masses. From Friendship’s Day surprises to anniversary flowers & online flower delivery in Ahmedabad, roses are always a top choice for any occasion. Not many people know that roses are related to cherries, apples, plums, almonds, nectarines, raspberries, cherries, pears and peaches. The fruit structure of roses that resemble a berry is called a rose hip. Rose hips of certain species are great sources of Vitamin C.


They are not just brewed for teas but are also used in making jellies and jams. Apart from lotuses, even roses were regarded as sacred by the Egyptians. They were used for creating a gorgeous wreath over the tombstones during funerals. Roses were also used for serving Iris, the Goddess, in holy rituals.

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Sunflowers are among those flowers which can instantly put you in a good mood. They have this positive aura which makes them loved among all the people. Did you know that the head of the sunflower is made of a lot of little flowers known as florets? Isn’t that interesting? M. Heijmf of the Netherlands is revered for growing the tallest sunflower in 1986. It had a height of 25’ 5.5”.

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We all know how beneficial sunflowers and seeds are. The oil-rich seeds are crushed for producing the oil which is used in cooking.

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Also called a Century Plant, Agave does not grow any flower for many years. It just lives for a long time and throughout its life span, it just grows a single flower and then dies. This process is known as being monocarpic.

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Moon Flowers

Moonflowers, staying true to their name, blossom only during the night and remain closed in the day. The twining vines grow huge pink and white flowers which are supremely fragrant and four to six inches long.

The flowers open their petals during the evening and stay the same all through the night. They remain open until the morning sun comes in contact with them.

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In The End

These are some amazing facts which most of us didn’t know about. We often pick up a bouquet from our local florist or order some flowers from Bloomsvilla but we never really give a thought about the mind-blowing characteristics and traits that each flower possesses. The more we know about them, the more we fall in love.

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