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6 Smart Tips for Applying False Eyelashes Easily in 2020 | Mywisecart

We have been using them for special occasions for a long time, but they are becoming more and more the main touch of parties.


Recently, the use of False Eyelashes has become an integral basis of everyday makeup, almost as important as applying the foundation for makeup! Starting with celebrity selfies on Instagram and ending with images on the red carpet and in fashion magazines, stunning with False Eyelashes is an inevitable trend, but it can be slightly intimidating if you don’t know the necessary tricks to stick them on.

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How to Put on Fake Eyelashes in 6 Easy Steps


How to Measure False Lashes

Before you do anything, correlate the base of the False Eyelashes with your natural eyelash line. If the False Eyelashes extend beyond the outer corner of the eye, use a pair of small cuticle scissors to completely cut off the edges of the (outer) eyelashes so that they match the length of your natural eyelash line. Make sure that the eyelashes coincide with the natural curvature of the eyes, taking them by the tips and bending towards each other, creating a “C” shape, and holding them for several seconds in this position. This deprives the foundation of directness and helps to make sure that after applying False Eyelashes will remain in place without protruding ends. This alone will make applying False Eyelashes a trifle!

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Different Types of False Eye Lashes

Depending on the image you are striving for, make a choice between eyelashes on a ribbon and bunches. The former creates a bolder image, and it is easier to apply them yourself, but the latter provides a more natural and comfortable feeling but can be a little more intricate to use independently. When applying eyelashes on strips or bundles, I like to use tweezers to hold eyelashes firmly and have the ability to place them in exactly the place I want. When applying a strip of eyelashes, place it with tweezers, then squeeze your eyelashes with false fingers to make sure they are fixed. Using the beams, first place them at a certain distance from each other and after they dry, fill this space. You can better control how thick these eyelashes will look.

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Try to apply your favourite mascara before using False Eyelashes. This will add firmness and lengthen your eyelashes, providing a solid base for placing False Eyelashes. After that, gently push the artificial eyelashes with the middle finger to the base of the natural eyelash line.

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Most beauty consultants recommend applying False Eyelashes after applying makeup on the eyes, however, in the case of do-it-yourself makeup, I always advise sticking the eyelashes before applying it, to make sure that the glue has not smeared over all the centuries, possibly making the shadows mess and eyeliner. Otherwise, it’s time to re-do all the makeup!

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The Secret of many celebrity’s long expressive eyelashes is a technique called double up. For a serving of maximum charm, try using double False Eyelashes. They are sold ready to use with one strip of eyelashes on top of another, creating a bold look.

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When removing the strip, start from the outer corner and pull inward. Use a mild eye makeup remover to remove any remaining glue or the like. I do not recommend using the same strip more than two times.the 

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Wrapping Up

So, I hope you were able to learn the best tips for glueing falsies in our step by step guide and worthy tips, which will be useful for you in your next makeup of fake eyelashes in 2020.

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