5 Beautiful Islamic Gifts

In 2015, it was estimated that there are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. In fact, Islam was projected to be the fastest-growing major religious group from 2015 to 2060.

Despite this, not many people know all that much about this religion. So if you’ve got a Muslim in your life, there’s tons to learn from them!

If you want to let them know how much you appreciate them, you might be wondering what to give them. Below are 5 great Islamic gifts you can give someone special in your life.

1. Personalized Prayer Mat

Muslims have to pray 5 times a day. When the times come, they have to get out prayer mats to worship comfortably.

You can easily show your support and understanding by giving your friend a personalized prayer mat. You can get their name written on it in either English or Arabic so they have something nice and customized for them!

2. Crystal Quran Page

The Quran is basically the Islam version of the Bible. So understandably, Muslims hold the text in high regard.

You can consider getting them a gift that displays Quran quotes on crystal pages. Not only is this a beautiful piece to have, but your friend can easily put this on display in their home. Everyone who visits will instantly know how dedicated to Islam they are.

3. Quran Bookmark

Devout Muslims will no doubt read their Quran often. So an excellent present to give would be a Quran bookmark!

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There are some very elegant ones made out of metal with either silver or gold finishes. And they’ll often have a crest that has some Arabic words inscribed on it, such as the Al-Quran Al-Kareem symbol.

Your friend will appreciate having such a nice bookmark to keep their place in their well-loved Quran.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is always nice to have, but especially so if it’s a constant reminder of how devout you are to your faith. So why not get a beautiful keepsake your Muslim friend can wear with various outfits?

5. Halal Beauty Products

Muslim women often find it difficult to keep up with fashion and beauty since many products aren’t halal. You can do your friend a favor by researching halal products and gifting it to them!

For example, you can get them beautiful hijabs, halal nail polish, and other beauty products so they can look their best without worrying about doing something forbidden.

Give Thoughtful Islamic Gifts

When it comes to Islamic gifts, the above can be highly appreciated by your Muslim friends. So whether it’s their birthday, a special holiday, or you just want to show that you care, you now have some great ideas for what to purchase!

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