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What Eye Shape Is Best for Cat Eye Lash Extension?

Cat eyelash extensions are a popular extension technique that will be perfect for clients who wish to give their eyes a naturally long look, create an eyeliner effect, or lift hooded eyelids.

Read in our article about who will benefit from this beauty-procedure and where to purchase the best materials for your work.

What Are Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?

This technique assumes that the extensions start off short at the inner corners of the eyes and are longer towards the outer corners. With it you can visually change the eye shape and even achieve the so-called lifting effect, so that your clients’ faces will look thinner.

Why should you try this technique?

  • The unique shape of the extensions with a short glued surface allows to visually lift even the most straight and even eyelashes!
  • It can be used in different styles: suitable for volume and classic extensions, or for the creation of eyeliner effect.
  • You can mix these eyelashes with others, for example with B or C curl. You can start with B curl, change it periodically to M, and gradually increase length using C and L curl.

What Eye Shape Is Good for Cat Eye Lashes?

This technique works best for clients with round eyes, as it allows to create a more almond shape.

It is also used for hooded or deep set eyes – a mix of different lengths can make eyes larger and more expressive.

But that’s not all! If clients like to use eyeliner but don’t want to do it every morning, offer them M & L curl. The use of M & L curl allows to achieve a fine neat eyeliner effect with a beautiful winged «tail».

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