Current Swimsuit Trends 2022

We all love a great day at the beach or by the pool, and a great swimsuit can complete the look and help you feel great. There are so many wonderful swimsuit trends making the rounds these days and finding the one that works for you can help you stay on trend, but do so in a way that makes you comfortable. Here are five of the newest swimsuit trends for bathing suits for women.

Crochet Suits

A trend that has made its way back around from the 1960s are crocheted bathing suits. Cute multicolor bikini tops, full crochet suits and more are all back and are better than ever. This is a fantastic way to branch out from the typical bikini or suit that we are all used to and find something funky and fun. There are tons of ways you can rock this trend from funky colors and shapes to simple crochet designs that are elegant and that work with every skin tone and every look.

These suits  womens tankini swimwear are also more comfortable than some other materials as they are softer. The crochet bikini or swimsuit is a fun take on the modern swimsuit with a great fun vibe that anyone can rock. If you do not feel like you can rock a full crochet suit, you can also find some gorgeous crochet sarongs or coverups.

Strappy Swimwear

This is another trend that is so much fun. Strappy swimwear is amazing. It has tons of straps and string details that you can criss cross and tie up any way that you want to make it fully customized for you. These suits are a fun take on the traditional and are a great way to really take your time and have a great time figuring out how you want to tie up your suit and make it your own.

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Strappy suits are a way to make some great visual interest without being too risky and without having to wear the barely there swimsuits that some people absolutely rock. These can look sexy while still being covered up if you prefer.


If you like something that is a bit more fun and a bit more revealing without being too immodest, a cut-out suit is a great way to go. This is a great trend that allows you to wear a full suit and cover up if you want, but the cut-outs are still sexy and fun and can help you feel great. You can add some great visual interest to a plain suit by picking one with interesting cut-outs.

This is also a great way to show a little skin, but not have it all out there if you are not comfortable. If you like something that covers up a bit more, but you still want to be trendy and chic, a cut-out suit is a great way to do this. It looks great with solid color suits and with printed suits. This can be geometric cut-outs, simple shapes and even just slits that show a little skin.

Skimpy Bikinis

This is a trend that is never going to go out of style. A tiny bikini that only covers the important parts is always on trend and there are some great designs out there. Even though you are not going to have a ton of fabric to work with, you can find some suits that are gorgeous colors, that have fun prints, and that have interesting structural details.

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You can also get them with fun embellishments like beads and glitter that make them even more interesting. This trend applies to bandeau tops as well. There are some great bandeau tops that are itty bitty, but that are still super trendy and cute.

Ruffles and Structure

The last trend we want to talk about is bathing suits with fun and trendy structure and ruffles. Ruffled tops are super flattering, they are fun, and they are a great take on a traditional swimsuit. Structure and super girly ruffles are a wonderful way to make a boring swimsuit something unique and different while still being functional and easy to wear.

Structure also applies to bottoms. Bottoms with ruched sides and fun block panels are also very trendy and look great with ruffled tops. This pairing is super structured while still being fun and is a great option if you want something that is different and out of the box but still super chic and fun and also adorable and flattering to a huge range of body types.

Which Trend is Best For You?

When it comes down to it, the best method for deciding which trend is best for you is to simply try on a bunch of things and see what works for you. There are so many great swimsuits out there and there are so many trends that are circulating. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, taking the time to try new things may just help you find your new favorite.

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