Baba Ramdev Knots Patanjali with Bsnl: Swadeshi Sim

All the jokes of earlier times have finally come true. The time when everyone made fun of Baba Ramdev saying that in no time there will be Pantajali sim card being sold in the market , has now become a reality.

The fastest growing FMCG Company Patanjali is now all set to bring competition in telecom sector as well by launching its first ever sim card in collaboration with the government owned oldest telecom company BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED (BSNL), known as “Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim cards”

These sim cards where launched on last Sunday, and are said to be the best.

As per the given information the sim cards have 2 GB internet data with unlimited calling plans not only that it is being said those who purchase these sim cards will be given several benefits of course by Patanjali and  Baba Ramdev.

Swadeshi Sim bsnl event glimpsesAs of now the sim cards and its benefits are being only made available to its employees for review and testing purpose so that any modifications somewhat can be done before offering for public in the upcoming months.

Patanjali has very strategically created offers to gain customers by offering 10% discount on all Patanjali products to its users and by making strategic deals with various e- commerce websites for increasing sale of its products (in case you have not noticed while shopping online) .

Now the details of the Swadeshi Sammriddhi Sim Card,

patanjali-sim-card-details-availabilityIt is being said the tariff plan for this SIM card will be of RS 144 recharging to which only one can enjoy the benefit of 2 GB of internet data, unlimited phone calls services and 100 SMSes, although the validity period of this plan has not been reveled yet but mostly it will be for a period of one month or 4 weeks.

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One needs Adhar Card as Identity Proof in order to activate their SIM cards for usage.

Views of BSNL Chief General Manager on collaboration of BSNL and Patanjali:-

[su_heading]”Patanjali plan is BSNL best plan. In Rs 144, one can make unlimited calls from any part of the country. We are giving 2 GB data pack, 100 SMS. The members of the Patanjali have to just show their identity and there SIM will be activated soon after some paperwork.”[/su_heading]

With the already stated and common benefits of Swadeshi Sammridhi SIM Card it has some unusual benefits as well, this SIM card comes with a medical coverage of RS 2,50,000 and a life insurance coverage of RS 5,00,000 and just like others these coverage are only available in case of any unforeseen emergency and accidents. As per Baba Ramdev the societal aim of launching such SIM card is “prosperity for charity”

With the already stated aim of wiping off every MNC from the country and becoming the largest FMCG brand Baba Ramdev now added the aim of establishing a “Swadeshi Network” in India, speaking of which it is also being said that this collaboration is beneficial for both BSNL and Patanjali as, Patanjali is the fasted growing brand with no fingers pointed on the purity of its product quality and BSNL having more than 5, 00,000 counters all around the country for the sale and distribution of its SIM cards, hence both of the companies can take advantage of each other’s reputation  to the fullest if they work together sensibly.

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Now, it is only time that will tell that whether this collaboration will be liked and favored by customers? And even if it is favored and works well and fine the SWADESHI Sammridhi SIM card will be able to beat the records of much Favored and liked and fastest growing network Reliance JIO SIM cards.


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