XIAOMI AND THE WOWS AND HOWS (An insight into the ultimate mobile rage)

Xiaomi with its adventures and worth mapping journey is right now the apple of everyone’s eye. And people don’t shy to call it China’s Apple. The following it generated all over China astonishingly continued in the global markets within the first shot itself. And soon it had an ‘Apple like’ fan following all over. The reference to Steve job with his black tee and the Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun in his black tee is worth noting too.

Never has a company garnered so much response from a generation that swags with its gadgets and swears by the oomph factor that the latest technology provides them with.

It was almost a pity to see the biggies in the market like samsung, Nokia, Vivo, oppo etc being laid flat by the Newbie Xiaomi. Not even a year old, it ate into the share of these bigger brand to proclaim as the No.1 smartphone brand with pizzazz. (a whopping 30.3% market share in India for three quarters in a row)

You may right now flaunting one or wanting to buy one. The brand created a stir due to the budget friendly price and bleeding edge technology it offered. Let’s quirk up the discussion with some queer, interesting chipotle talks about the bombshell!


What’s in a name?

Quoted by Shakespeare, the line looks out of the context here. For there is so much in the name XIAOMI. To take the literal meaning in Chinese, it is ‘little millet’. Progressing from millet to mountain, that’s what they aim for.

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The MI in the name suggests a herculean task full of obstacles- Mission impossible!

As an acronym it also means Mobile Internet.


The dazzling affair called LAUNCH

It was officially launched on 16th August 2010 with its first android-based firmware MIUI. Then a series of simplistic yet elegantly designed models of Mi series were launched to a humongous response. Came 2014 and Xiaomi catwalked for the global audience as well.

#Xiaomi sold 1.16 million smartphones in a single day on 11th November 2015.

#Xiaomi wonder continued in India with 15,000 smartphones sold in just 2 seconds!

The curious case of Xiaomi

Xiaomi began with its campaign without any pomp or show. It was hardly recognized in the physical stores category. The stores were restricted to India, Russia and of course, China.

All its sale were through online shopping and it indulged in no advertisements either. No endorsements yet such a huge presence-a miracle in itself.

Right now the physical presence has increased with investments in the marketing and advertisements as well to keep up with the competitors.

The global headquarters are at Singapore.

The Google connections

Legends create legends and here we have three positions out of thetop nine held by ex-googlers in the Xiaomi camp.

Is there some sort of a connection with Apple as well ? Steve Wozniak is a part of the brand now too. 

The wonder gadgets

Xiaomi, besides smartphones, manufactures a whole range of electricals, accessories and gadgets to ease our life. The list is long, watch out for the infographics!

The smartphones are packed with features. The front camera beautifies selfies and approxes one’s age. What a paradox!

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Social media posts were never so flawless and ubercool.

Infographic as follows:

Customer is the king

Xiaomi considers and implements the feedback of its customers. A never before attempted rationale that turned dices in favor. The announcements are all a bling affair on social media with huge reciprocating traffic. Fans consider it a cool brand and it too doesn’t resist to portray itself as a humble brand all for customer service saving it from a few legal nightmares as well. It has service centers strategically placed to be within reach of every user. A link is given below:

The additional perks to pamper its fans include some delights as well:

  • Exchange your old phone for a new MI at a lower price, hassle free quality check and free pick service as well.

            That’s MI EXCHANGE for you!

  • MI protect takes care of covering accidental and liquid damage. Want more! Free home pickup and drop and free second servicing from one year of activation.
  • “Just for fans” and yes it is with a chat support system that works from 9am to 9pm. The hotline service is available on 1800 103 6286. The service email at

I believe I have covered all the candies, have I?!

The China’s Apple is world’s fourth most valuable startup with the most mispronounced brand name. The upside down logo- a chinese symbol meaning heart. Yes you really took away our heart- Xiaomi!

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This was our take on the scintillating brand that dared.

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“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

~ Xiaomi

Do share in the comments section below about your experiences with the brand. Which model do you prefer or else want to own? We would love to hear your take on what model or which brand you want us to review next? Keep in touch, psst!

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