Things To look Before Buying New Mobile Phone (Smartphone Buying Guide 2020)

Standing on a counter filled with the latest damsels flashing themselves to catch your eye, cool features, smart accessories, sleek and trendy looks and a host of other reasons that can bamboozle your mind for a while. the mobile brands today are leaving no stone unturned to appeal the users, as such it is hard to pin your choice and save oneself from getting off the rocker. here a compact guide with the top 10 things one should look before buying a smartphone either in a physical store or online by get going guys!

Here’s The List Of Smartphone Buying Guide:

1. High-End Features

latest smartphone Features

Better cameras? Bigger battery? Faster processor? Day by day all of these are becoming quite normal in the smartphone industry. What makes a phone stand apart from its competitors is the special high end features that it provides.

Be it AI-powered system, extremely fewer bezels (Infinity Display) or under display fingerprint scanner, these features make a phone an extraordinaire.

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2. Camera

smartphones with DSLR Camera Quality

Being one of the most important deal breaker features for a smartphone and the fact that most people use their phone as their primary shooter, a 2camera is a segment that one must look deep into.

Not only the pixel count of the cameras but also the aperture(the lesser, the better), type of sensor(wide angle, monochrome, telephoto, etc), and the other special features also matter.

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3. RAM

smartphones with more RAM

In the age of multitasking, one can’t afford to have a phone that is short on sufficient ram. While phones with 3GB or 4GB of RAM are considered ideal for day to day usage, some ultra-premium smartphones provide as high as 8GB of RAM

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4. ROMmemory cards with different storages 

All those high-resolution photos and videos, essential apps, games, documents, and music demand a good storage capacity.

Though the storage can be extended by an external SD card(only if the phone supports one), it is highly recommended to opt for a phone with no less than 32GB of internal storage.

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5. Display size

smartphones with smloed 18:9 display

There is nothing such as ‘the perfect display size’. In this segment, it comes down to the preference of the user. If one-hand use is important for someone, a display size of less than 5.5 inches would be a good choice.

On the other hand, for all those media lovers, larger screen size is recommended.

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6. Weight  

heavy weight mobile phone

Though this is not a major concern, but one should always feel comfortable while holding his phone. For most people, anything between 140 g to 170 g is the standard weight of a smartphone.

So holding a phone with a weight in the given range and having good weight distribution, should never cause any sort of discomfort.

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7. Brand value best smartphone brand

The current phone market is flooded with hundreds of smartphone makers and every other company providing some eye-catching features, one must go for something with good brand value.

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Brands like APPLE, SAMSUNG and XIAOMI have captured the majority of the smartphone market of India. While MOTOROLA, NOKIA, ONE PLUS, etc are some other trusted smartphone manufacturers.

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8. After sales service

customer service service

All the above mentioned have been really successful in the India smartphone market, but not all of them provide good after sale services.
While Chinese brands like XIAOMI and Huawei provide value for money smartphones, brands like Samsung, Apple, etc have ample service centers around the nation and they have a good reputation as they provide good after sale services.
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9. Battery backup Backside of phone Shown

The big display, the powerful processor, and the user’s daily need, to power all these the phone must have sufficient fuel to back itself. There are many battery beasts available in the market that provide up to 5300mAh battery. But something more than 3500mAh will make sure that the battery lasts for a complete day

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10. Fast Charging Phone is getting charged

Quick, Fast or dash- charging, various brands have their own way of calling this nifty feature, but one has to understand that in the current busy lifestyle, this is a must have. Brands provide chargers with up-to 20w output power to charge the phone as quickly as possible.

However, this feature is quite common in flagship smartphones. We can expect to see more devices in the budget segment coming with fast charging in the near future.

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That was our take at at the essentials one should look for before emptying their kitty for their dream phone. whether to choose the flashy stuff or the one packed with features is all a matter of personal choice. What you actually want your cellphone to do for you should be the basic parameter for your choice but before that informing oneself always pays in the long run.

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So these are the basic factors you must keep in mind before buying next smartphone. Feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions below. and do let us know if you have any other rationale to base our choices upon. happy shopping guys!

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