Ins and outs of evens betting strategy

An evens betting strategy, or even chance bets, is when the bookmaker deems that both opponents are on the same level and have an equal chance of winning (50/50). By flipping a coin, we know that heads and tails have equal odds. If the bookmaker were to accept bets on the coin flip without his commission, we would have odds of 2 on heads and 2 on tails.

An equal odds market is a concept in betting that means that the odds of the opponents are equal. We can translate this to a coin flip, where we know that heads or tails are equally likely (50% each) to happen.

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A 50% chance is equivalent to 2.00 odds, but if the bookmaker were to give such odds on equal odds markets, he would end up with no income (exactly like the players). When betting with a long-view perspective, everyone would be left with their money. This is the reason why bookmakers are forced to give lower odds, not real odds. For equal odds markets, the average odds at the betting companies is 1.90, but the best ones give up to 1.97 for such an event.

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The value of the market is another concept that players should familiarize themselves with. If an equal odds market has odds of 2.00-2.00, it means that such a market is called a 100% market. They give neither players nor bookmakers an advantage over the distance.

Ideally, bettors should always bet on markets whose value is less than 100%. This means that the odds of the outcomes are lower than the value of the bet. In the case of a market above 100%, its value is undervalued.

As you can see, in this example, the value of the market exceeds 100%, which means the player will lose in this situation. But if you monitor the lines of other bookmakers and find higher odds, the market value may be below 100%.

Where else can you find equal markets?

First of all, you can have a meticulous eye on:

  • Even/odd goals (pucks, points).
  • Which team will start from the center of the field (decided by a coin).
  • Two-way results of games of roughly equal opponents.
  • F(0) on roughly equal opponents.
  • Individual team totals (including Asian totals).
  • Both to score (yes/no).
  • Various statistical indicators;

But the main direction of these markets is the basic handicaps and totals set in the main event line. On them, as well as on the main outcomes, the vast majority of bets in the world.

Advantages of this strategy

  • First and foremost, these markets have the biggest limits. You can bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on top events. Secondly, they have the lowest margin.
  • Bookmakers will treat you more respectfully and loyally if you try to beat the main line, instead of looking for their mistakes in the small markets.
  • If you beat an even line of odds and totals fair and square, you’re having a heat of the moment. It is the highest accoladde in betting, and if you will show phenomenal results just on these markets in the long view, it’s a great indicator that shows your blue-chip betting status.
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Ideally, the odds for equal-probability events should be 2.00 and 2.00, but in reality the bookmaker’s margin is involved. The higher it is, the lower the odds are given for equal-probability events. The easiest way to roughly estimate the margin at equal odds.


Evens betting strategy is worth your attention. These are opposite outcomes that have the same (symmetrical) odds. For example, 1.91 and 1.91 or 1.82 and 1.82. When the odds for opposite outcomes coincide, it is implied that the bookmaker gives the same odds, 50% each.

To beat a bookmaker’s line in the long view, the bettor must operate with such notions as an evens betting strategy and market value. Only understanding the whole structure of the bookmakers will be able to lead to a mathematical advantage over his line.


Is it possible to earn on the evens betting chances?

Yes, it is quite realistic. Although, of course, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the betting event.

What should bettor do is the odds are different?

 If the odds are slightly different, it is better to use the standard formula for calculating the bookmaker’s margin. 

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