How Works Lottoland.asia in India

From the hundred-million-dollar US Powerball to Eurojackpot, for a lot of people, lotteries are just fantastical stories from faraway lands. But did you know that you can actually win jackpots without buying tickets? With the help of lotto betting sites like Lottoland, anyone from any country can win the biggest world lotteries.

Lottoland is a popular online lottery betting website. Players place bets on international lotteries—guessing what the withdrawn numbers will be—and get paid accordingly if they win. 

Players play Lotteries and place bets, Lottoland pays winners

Even though you’re not playing the lottery with official tickets, how you play is really similar. To participate, players pay a price to Lottoland and choose their betting numbers.

However, players don’t buy official tickets and they’re not participating in the lottery. Players will not have any contact with the conductors of the lottery they’re playing. Lottoland does not buy lotto tickets on the players’ behalf.

Players pay money to Lottoland to place bets, and the site will give players the prize if they win. The prize money is the same amount as the lotto jackpot. And just like playing lotteries officially, the prize money depends on how many numbers the user guesses correctly.

They use an insurance mechanism, putting insurance on every player’s bet. The insurance model will cover the big jackpot wins. For small prizes, they simply use their sales revenue.

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Why bet on Lottoland instead of buying official lottery tickets

When playing on Lottoland lottery betting platform, you don’t buy physical tickets. Everything is done online, and players don’t have to be from the country where the lottery is held.  Other than that, the way their site works separately from the official lotto hosts gives them more leverage to give players offers and bonuses.

Games you can play on Lottoland

Lottery betting is the foundation of the website, it is what most people use the site for. Choose your favorite lotto game and bet your lucky numbers to win millions.

Play lotteries in Syndicates

Players can also bet on lotteries in syndicates. By pooling in money with other players to buy more tickets, you get a higher chance of winning. The prize will be divided by the number of people participating in the syndicate.

Play casino games

When you’re bored with lottos, try your luck on casino games on the same website! The game selection ranges from popular traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack, to popular online arcade games like Aviator and Starburst.

Play scratchcards

They also offer popular scratchcards, such as 777, Super Shamrock, and Fruity Flurry.

Play sportsbook

Different from other online lottery sites, players can also bet on real-life sports matches. And the game isn’t just football, you can bet on cricket, tennis, rugby, basketball, and many more sports including MMA and e-sports. There’s also an option to watch the tournaments live on the website.

Is Lottoland legal in India?

Yes, it is. While there are restrictions on gambling in some states, there are no restrictions on international lottery playing. Therefore, you can play Lottoland from anywhere in India. In fact, they have a special website for Indian lotto betters.

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As the name suggests, Lottoland Asia is the sub-website of Lottoland, created to specifically cater to Asian players’ needs.

Both lottoland.com and lottoland.asia has the same features. However, there are some lotteries that are available on the main site and not on the Asia site and vice versa.

The Asia website also has more Asian-friendly (especially for Indians) payment methods, such as UPI. Players use the Indian rupee currency to play on this site.

Lotteries offered on Lottoland.com and Lottoland.asia

Lottery Name Price / line
On Lottoland.com On Lottoland.asia
1 MEGA 2022 (New Year’s Eve Jackpot) €5.00 ₹400.00
2 Bitcoin Lotto €3.50 ₹300.00
3 US PowerBall €3.50 ₹300.00
4 US MegaMillions €3.50 ₹300.00
5 EuroMillions GO! €3.50 ₹300.00
6 EuroMillions €3.00 ₹240.00
7 EuroJackpot GO! €3.00 ₹300.00 / ticket
8 EuroJackpot €2.00 ₹160.00
9 UK Loto Plus €3.00
10 Swiss Lotto €2.75
11 French Lotto €2.70 ₹220.00
12 Cash4Life €2.50 ₹200.00
13 Irish Lotto €2.20 ₹180.00
14 SuperEnalotto €2.00 ₹160.00
15 Sambad Plus ₹150.00
16 Sunday Lotto €1.75
17 Brazil Mega Sena €1.50 ₹120.00
18 Mexico Melate €1.50
19 SAT Lotto €1.25
20 Multi Keno €1.20 ₹100.00
21 Austrian Lotto €1.20 ₹99.00
22 German Lotto €1.20 ₹96.00
23 6/49 GO! €1.20 ₹96.00
24 German Keno €1.00 ₹80.00
25 Keno 24/7 €1.00 ₹80.00
26 KeNow €1.00
27 Swedish Lotto Plus €1.00
28 Cricket Lotto ₹80.00
29 Jeeto Lotto Ticket ₹80.00
30 Brazil Quina €0.75 ₹60.00
31 Gullak Gold ₹60.00
32 Malamaal Daily ₹40.00
33 SA PowerBall €0.75
34 SA Lotto €0.50
35 MINI Lotto €0.50
36 WorldMillions €10.00 / ticket

€5.00 / (1/2 ticket)

€1.00 / (1/10 ticket)

€780.00 / ticket

₹390.00 / (1/2 ticket)

₹78.00 / (1/10 ticket)

37 El Niño €19.99 / ticket ₹730.00/ticket
38 Christmas Lottery €19.99 / ticket ₹730.00/ticket
39 El Gordo de Verano €19.99 / ticket ₹720.00/ticket


Is Lottoland a scam?

The platform is run by a company in Gibraltar called EU Lotto Ltd. They operate under the government and is regulated by UK and Gibraltar Gambling Commission. These licenses are not acquired easily, and the platform has to go through routine checks on whether they can pay winners to maintain the licenses.

For data and payment safety, their website is encrypted with 256-bit SSL. It is the same encryption used for mobile banking apps, meaning that your transactions will not be leaked.

Has anybody won on Lottoland?

In 2020, News Live reported the first Lottoland India winner, a man from West Bengal named Partho Mondal. He won the Malamaal Daily jackpot by matching 5 numbers out of 5. The amount of money he spent was ₹40.00 and he managed to win back ₹5 million.

In 2021, Hindustan Times reported another win by a Shaji Matthew from Kerala. You can find more winner stories on their website.


Lottoland is a safe and legit lottery betting platform that offers many betting games and other games. It’s one of the best online lotto platforms if you’re from India because it has a sub-website designed especially for Indian players using rupee currency. Go to their website right now or download the Lottoland app to win millions.


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