Debunking the Most Common Sports Footwear Myths That Exist Today

America loves its shoes. Americans spent nearly 77 billion dollars on shoes in 2020 alone. 

One reason why shoes are so popular is sports footwear. Sports footwear is essential, including collectible sneakers. Yet many people buy a pair of shoes because they don’t know any better. 

What do you need to do when you get a new pair? When should you buy some new shoes? Why do you need a different pair for every sport you are involved in? 

Answer these questions and you can find the right time to get a good pair of sports shoes. Here is your quick guide. 

You Need to Break in Your Sports Footwear 

You should get a good feel in any pair of shoes you wear. The materials that your sneakers are made out of may be a little stiff, and moving around can help increase your flexibility. 

But you can use most modern shoes as soon as you put them on. You should not heat them up or beat them. Measures like that risk breaking the materials and ruining your investment. 

When you avoid creating clutter from day one, you’ll be less likely to have clutter. It’s true that clutter attracts more clutter. Family members see a pile of dishes and add theirs to the pile. While you might have that one family member that helps out to avoid the clutter, most don’t in a family. Buying products that take up less space such as a foldable desk or a minimalist baby swing can give you more room and less clutter. Mess grows and attracts more.

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You Must Buy New Sneakers Every Six Months 

Each pair of sneakers will wear out on its own. Some brands are designed to last longer than others. Minimalist shoes tend to wear out very quickly because they have far less cushioning than traditional shoes. 

You should monitor the quality of your shoes carefully. Look at the heels and soles and make sure they are gripping the terrain. Roll your foot around and see what support the shoes offer to your ankles and heels. 

Whenever you feel uncomfortable in your shoes, you should get a new pair. But you may be able to wear a pair for a year or longer. You can also make some fixes like adding clay to the heels so they last longer. 

Price Equals Quality 

Shoe manufacturers will do anything to justify very high prices. They may ask for 500 dollars for one pair of shoes because it has “features.” 

You never need these features. A cheap pair of shoes can work just as well as an expensive pair. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest shoes just because they are cheap. Very cheap sneakers may offer weak support to your feet. Look at a mid-range brand like the Nike Huarache that offers heel and toe support. 

Light Shoes Are the Best 

Lightweight shoes work for many people. On the basketball court, they can help the wearer execute jumps and pivots. 

But the lighter the shoes are, the less support it gives, especially along the bottom of the feet. Repeated collisions will wear the bottoms of the shoes out and strain the tendons in your feet. 

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Find a pair of shoes that combines flexibility with cushioning. Try out each pair you are considering and see what works best for your style of play. 

Athletic Footwear Is Interchangeable 

You can wear a pair of all-around sneakers for amateur sports and basic workouts. But you should not wear a pair of running shoes on the basketball court or the football field. 

Running shoes protect the front of the foot while cushioning the toes from shocks. Walking shoes also help with forward motion, but many brands have rounded heels so the wearer can shift their weight to their toes. Sustainable shoes are the way of the future in fashionable athletic shoes and you can find them in many retail and online stores that are up on the trend.

Tennis shoes provide support on both sides of the feet evenly. Basketball sneakers are thicker and stiffer in their soles, providing extra stability for running. Soccer and football shoes have cleats to grip the turf. 

Wearing Different Shoes Will Hurt Your Feet

Your feet are nimble. They can adapt to a number of different shoes and athletic situations on release

It will not hurt your feet to wear one pair of shoes during running and another during basketball. If anything, wearing one pair of sneakers for all activities can hurt your feet. You will lack the protection required for each sport, opening yourself to muscle strains. 

You Should Get New Shoes Before Every Marathon 

A pair of running shoes last between 300 and 400 miles. Some people may need to get theirs sooner if they run on rough terrain or have uneven traction. 

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But if your shoes are still comfortable, you should wear yours for a marathon. Mileage is just a rule of thumb. You may not have enough time to adjust to your new pair, which can affect how you run. 

You may have uneven wear on your shoes. You can adjust the way you run so this does not occur during the marathon. Avoid shifting your feet as you step, and plant your foot before lunging forward. 

It Is Hard to Maintain a Sneaker Collection 

Collecting sneakers is a great way to make friends and try out premium shoes. But many people think that being a sneakerhead requires a lot of resources. 

That is not true. Most collectors keep their shoes on shelves inside their houses. Sneakers do not need special refrigeration or packaging in order to stay intact long-term. 

The Truth About Sports Footwear 

Sports footwear shouldn’t wear down your finances. You can use your shoes as soon as you get them. But you don’t need new ones until your old ones have worn down. 

Expensive and lightweight shoes are not the best. Pick the ones that match your particular sport and avoid all-around sneakers. 

Do not get new shoes just because it’s been a while since you bought a pair. But if you do buy an extra pair, feel free to start a collection. 

Shoes shouldn’t be your only priority. Find out more fashion and sports guides by following our coverage. 

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