How to Take Iron Pills Correctly

Iron is for more than weightlifting. Iron deficiency is the world’s leading cause of anemia, contributing to 30 to 50 percent of the world’s cases. 

It is easy to consume the amounts of iron you need for your body to function. You just have to know how to take iron pills correctly. 

Why is iron so important, and what do iron supplements have? What are some of the side effects of taking iron pills? What are some tips you can follow when you are on supplements? 

Answer these questions and you can give your cells the minerals they need to function. Here is your quick guide. 

The Essentials of Iron Supplements 

Iron is a mineral that the body needs for several biological functions. It helps form hemoglobin, which transfers oxygen out of the lungs into the tissues. It also allows cells to grow, function, and receive hormones. 

Most people consume the iron they need through food. But others need additional support, especially individuals who have anemia.

Iron supplements can contain ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate, or ferrous fumarate. All three of these supplements contain high amounts of iron. There are no substantial differences between the three of them. 

Side Effects

Taking iron supplements has no major side effects. Many people experience constipation and diarrhea, leading them to take stool softeners. 

People who take very high doses of iron may experience nausea or vomiting. But they can avoid these symptoms by lowering the amount they take. 

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Some people have black or dark stools. This is a sign that iron is integrating into the blood and digestive system. Discolored stools only become a problem if someone notices blood in them. 

Tips on How to Take Iron Pills Correctly 

You can choose to take a liquid or tablet supplement. Liquid supplements are easier to swallow, but they may stain the teeth and gums. 

Find a reputable brand if you are going to take tablets. You can take iron tablets by Vitabiotics, for example. 

Take your pills on an empty stomach, though you can drink a sip of water if you have trouble swallowing them. If you have pre-existing digestive problems, you may want to take your pills with a little food. This may help you avoid stomach cramps and nausea. 

Never consume dairy products or antacids around the time that you take your supplements. Wait two hours so the calcium does not interfere with the iron. 

Iron can interfere with other medications. Talk to your doctor if you take penicillin and tetracycline on a regular basis. 

Increase Your Iron Intake 

Iron is one of the most important minerals in the world. It lets blood cells transfer oxygen into tissues and it helps cells receive hormones. 

You can take a liquid or solid supplement. You may experience some digestive issues, but an iron overdose does not occur. 

Talk to your doctor about how to take iron pills correctly. Keep your digestive system strong by taking iron on an empty stomach. Do not eat cheese or drink milk after you take your iron. 

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Iron pills are just one tool for your health. Find out more by reading more of our blog today. 

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