How to Pick the Right Engagement Ring

When you find that perfect person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, an engagement is likely forthcoming. That special moment where you agree to spend the rest of your lives together is a life-changing experience. A proposal is a monumental moment between two people that is made even more special by having the perfect engagement ring. If you want to find the perfect adornment for your sweetheart’s finger and have that picture-perfect proposal, here are a few tips.

The Jewel

Diamonds are the most traditional jewel chosen for engagement rings; however, todays’ couples are getting creative. Using lab diamonds or colorful jewels has replaced the traditional options. These have created stunning results that capture the light perfectly. Not to mention that these can often be far more financially responsible and cost-effective choices that don’t sacrifice any visual splendor. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that you know what type of jewel will truly wow your future fiancé.

The Shape and Cut

Another important factor that you need to consider as you assess your ring options is the shape and cut of the jewel. This is an incredibly influential factor in determining the ring’s overall effect. Whether your sweetheart has always been drawn to a classic round cut diamond or something statement-making like a marquis, this will drastically change the look and feel of the engagement ring.

The Band Style and Setting

The ring band and setting say a lot about a person and their particular style. If your significant other has a particular personal style, the style and setting can incorporate that. If they love an edgy, unconventional look, having something with clean lines and a channel setting may be exactly what you have been searching for. While someone with a more classic, traditional style may appreciate something with a singular diamond in a classic, solid band or one with a diamond band. Whatever you choose, make sure it is reflective of your significant other’s style.

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The Wedding Band

Although you may be wrapped up in the proposal planning, don’t be afraid to start thinking about the wedding band. Whether your significant other envisions a band that matches and fits perfectly with an engagement ring or something that complements it, these are important considerations as you plan out this purchase. The most important thing is to avoid common pitfalls in wedding bands that can contribute to unnecessary stress.

The Budget

Knowing your sweetheart’s style and what they are interested in is only part of the picture when selecting the right ring. One of the worst mistakes that you could make when purchasing an engagement ring is not considering your budget. An engagement ring is an expensive purchase and one that you need to plan for carefully. Establish a budget for the ring and determine a path that gives your significant other the ring they want without unnecessary financial hardship for you and your wallet.

The Discussion

One of the misconceptions about engagement rings is that it needs to be a secret. Don’t be afraid to go ring shopping together to just determine preference, budget and to get ideas. The reality is that many of today’s couples talk through the engagement ring decision-making process. Whether you conceal some details after this point or provide details in their entirety, having your future fiancé participate in the process can ensure that you find the perfect option.

The Family and Friend Talk

If you don’t feel comfortable including them in the ring selection process, don’t panic. You can turn to trusted friends and family to help you. They can often tease out details and help you with your detective work. This can give you the details you need without ever concealing that you are planning that picture-perfect proposal.

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An engagement is the first step of the rest of your lives together. It deserves to be a special moment, enhanced by that picture-perfect engagement ring. If you want your sweetheart to be stunned and amazed by your choice in the engagement ring, make sure that you incorporate these vital elements. You’ll have that moment that you’ve always wanted and they’ll be left speechless.

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