Perfume for Men or Cologne?

Do you feel too rough and masculine to wear perfume? There’s nothing more manly than taking care of yourself and smelling nice, so why not find a new signature scent? 

Many men are under the impression that cologne is the only option. After all, perfume is girly, right?

You might be surprised. There’s no reason at all that you need to shy away from bottles with a perfume label. So what’s the difference, and why would you choose one over the other?

Let’s talk about it. Keep reading to learn all about cologne and perfume for men.

What Is Perfume?

Technically speaking, all scented body sprays are perfumes. Some perfumes also come in rollers or fragrance sticks.

Perfume is the scent itself. Perfume essence is made from things like animal extracts, synthetic fragrances, and essential oils. These things produce a concentrated scent that would be too strong for use on the skin. 

When you think of perfume, though, you’re thinking of the most highly concentrated form of body fragrance. This is the best option for a long-lasting perfume for men. The higher concentration causes the scent to linger.

Perfume brands for men can contain up to 40% of perfume essence (though it’s usually less). This means that you’ll have the strongest scent. 

It’s more common to find Eau de Parfum (which is also perfume, in a way). This fragrance is 15% to 20% fragrance and it’s what you’ll find on most perfume shelves in stores. It lasts for about 5-6 hours. 

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What Is Cologne? 

Cologne is another type of perfume. This product lasts for about 3 hours and has up to 4% of the perfume essence. 

Cologne is often more affordable than perfume because you need to use more of it and use it more often. Even fancier colognes, like Jean Paul Gaultier perfumes and colognes, tend to be more affordable than their higher-concentration counterparts. 

There is nothing that makes cologne more masculine than perfume. Both are available in more “masculine” scents. 

Cologne or Perfume for Men: Which Should You Choose? 

So now that you know the difference, how do you pick one?

It’s a good idea to have both cologne and perfume. They’re good for different occasions. Cologne is good for situations in which you don’t need (or want) the scent to last all day (like for dates, meetings, or outings) while perfume is better for a soft scent that follows you throughout the day (like while you’re at work or school). 

If you’re new to scents, cologne is a safer option. It’s harder to go overboard (though you should still be wary of it) and because it’s more affordable, you’ll be able to test out more scents without a huge investment. 

Find Your New Signature Scent Today

When it comes to cologne and perfume for men, there’s no difference in “masculinity.” Both options are great for any man who wants to smell nice. Start testing out scents today and find your new favorite.

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