5 Helpful Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Did you know that the tradition of giving an engagement ring dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans? They exchanged rings made from reed or leather to show their love and affection. As the years went on, rings made from precious metals and stones became the standard for engagements.

Now, there are so many engagement rings on the market you could propose every day for ten years and still not run out of rings. This makes buying an engagement ring a challenge. How do you find the perfect ring for the perfect partner? 

In hopes of helping you sift through all the many different engagement ring styles, we put together this guide! Read on to learn how to make your proposal absolutely perfect. 

1. Consider Their Style

When picking a ring, consider how it will match your partner’s style. Remember that they will wear your ring every day, so it has to match their aesthetic. Take note of their jewelry, particularly. 

What colors do they prefer? Do they prefer a formal or a casual style? Pick a ring that matches them!

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Unique

For many women, the standard metal and diamond just don’t fit their personality or their lifestyle. Don’t feel hampered by the traditions of other couples, and choose a ring that really reflects what you love about your partner. 

Women’s wooden rings, rubber rings, and more are all options for your significant other. The best engagement ring is the one that symbolizes your relationship, so don’t be afraid to stand out. 

3. Set Your Budget 

Make sure to set your budget before going ring shopping. You don’t want to go into the ring store and fall in love with a piece that’s way out of your budget! Start with a set price in mind, so you don’t break the bank! 

4. Understand the Basics

There are many different types of engagement rings. If you’re getting a diamond ring, it’s important to understand the basics before you even go to the store. This is how to buy an engagement ring like a pro!

Research the different diamond cuts, clarities, and tints that are available. Then you can pick a ring with a style in mind. 

5. Pick a Shop You Trust

Whether you choose to shop online or in person, you should always make sure you pick a shop that is verified and trusted. This will keep your transaction safe and make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

If you aren’t sure about a shop, check out reviews from previous customers, so you can be sure that they are trustworthy. 

Commit To Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a big step, and you want to do it right. You’ve decided to commit to your perfect partner, so give them the perfect ring to show them what they mean to you. Start with our guide, and you’re sure to make the right choice!

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