5 Ways To Have An Amazing Weekend In Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most sought-after places by tourists in the country and throughout Europe. From its rich history to the amazing nightlife, Berlin has something to offer to every tourist.

Did you know that in 2021, the total number of tourists in Berlin was 5.13 million, among which 3.85 million of them were international travelers? So if you’re planning to spend a weekend in this lovely city, here are five things you cannot miss out on!

  1. Visit the Spreepark

The Spreepark, located in southeast Berlin, has been an abandoned site since 2002 and has a collection of bizarre rides and amusements. It was originally constructed by the government back in 1969 and was a very popular destination for tourists and locals.

However, after the operator of the park, Norbert Witte, got arrested for illegal activities, this park had to be shut down. But that doesn’t mean tourists don’t go there even now.

For five euros, you can take a tour through this eerie amusement park and see the remnants of rides of decades back. You can access the Spreepark via S-Bahn from the Berlin city center.

  1. Go to the Reichstag Building

Fan of politics? Then why not visit the Reichstag Building, a place where the parliament sits? The glass dome overhead represents the political transparency of the government officials, and the building itself is breathtaking. The entrance to Reichstag is free of cost, but you have to book your tickets in advance.

If you wish, you can even book a private tour here, where a tour guide will walk you through the various sections of the building. You can even book a combo tour of the Reichstag Dome and the Brandenburg Gate. For the ultimate experience, buy breakfast here and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  1. Experience the Liquidrom

The Liquidrom is a futuristic German spa that comes with a very special feature- interested visitors get to float in a pool of saltwater. At the same time, underwater techno music plays in the background! The building itself is in the shape of a futuristic crown and looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The Liquidrom is fitted with various saunas and baths and changing rooms.

The large saltwater floating room is its main attraction, with tall arches all around. The pool itself is lit by dim lights, and calming techno music plays from underneath. So not only do you feel relaxed after your spa session, but you also get to see what the future is going to look like!

  1. Have a drink at Madame Claude

As the name suggests, this bar is run by the French, who have added a unique twist to the entire ambiance. This bar is now located in a former brothel in Berlin, but that’s not the only interesting part. Everything inside the bar is upside down!

You can see the entire contents of an apartment, such as tables, chairs, and other things hanging from the ceiling. While this can make anyone feel dizzy, the DJ blasts some cool music to drive away any dizziness. Every night there is a DJ session from 7 pm onwards, and you can find crowds of people grooving to hip tunes.

  1. Book special services

If you’re visiting Berlin to celebrate a bachelor party or just on a business trip, there are many special services you can book. Seek out a lady in Berlin from various agencies. Not to worry, these services are legal, but you should make sure that the agency in question is certified.

You can even look up online to make a booking and go out on a romantic date with a beautiful woman! There are endless agencies, all waiting to please tourists from all parts of the world. So if you’re in Berlin, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity!

Over to you…

These are five amazing ways to explore not only the city but also get a taste of its culture and people. Berlin is truly a wonder, and there are innumerable things to do there, even if you’re visiting for just a weekend. However, keep travel restrictions and Covid protocols before booking your tickets in advance.



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