Gaming chair or office chair? Which one is better?

Are you having trouble deciding between a gaming chair and an office chair? To help you choose the best one for you, we’re comparing both.

The chair in the center of your space is what will make or break it, no matter if you are looking to refresh your home office or upgrade your gaming system. It’s a huge decision to make, but it is one that you should not take lightly. You’ll spend a lot of time sitting on the chair of your choice whether you work from home or are hunkered down for long gaming sessions.

It can be hard to determine if even the best gaming chairs is enough to ensure that you are sitting correctly. Office chairs should not be used for prolonged periods at a desk. There are some differences that you should consider before you begin looking for the right place to rest your back.

Gaming chair or office chair? What’s the difference?

It is often easy to distinguish between a gaming chair from an office chair. One, gaming chairs stand out because of their bright colors and larger frames. Office chairs blend in much better with the background. There are some key differences between a gaming chair and an office chair.

Gaming chairs are usually made in racer design, which has a high winged back, bucket seats, and raised edges, more information you can find here. Many gaming chairs include lumbar and head support cushions, as well as armrests that can adjust in at least three directions. Gaming chairs are able to recline much further than office chairs and can even be tilted and rocked.

A chair for the office can help to tone things down. A flat cushion will have a flat back and a wingless, usually with lumbar support. The armrests can only be moved up or down and the recline will be restricted by more restrictive tilt locks.

It is important to remember that we are comparing the traditional PC chairs with the floor-based rockers that make the best gaming chair for PS5 or Xbox.

Gaming chair

  1. High winged back
  2. Bucket seat
  3. Raise the seat edges
  4. Adjustable lumbar support
  5. Armrests with 3D design
  6. Reclination up to 180deg
  7. Colorful design

Office chair

  1. Shorter back
  2. Flat seat
  3. Wingless design
  4. Fixed, built-in lumbar support
  5. Armrests 1D
  6. Reclination up to 110 degrees
  7. Subtle design


Gaming chairs are made to last longer, so they use materials that are more comfortable. Memory foam seat cushions are more common in the lower price range. They often have padding on the back and armrests. Office chairs are often made of thinner materials to save money. If you go more expensive, you will need to take frequent breaks throughout your session.

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Gaming chairs are often larger than office chairs. Take the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition for an example. This might not be an issue if your workspace is small or you want your desk to blend in with the background. However, the chairs can accommodate a wider variety of body shapes and sizes. Even smaller people can sit comfortably in larger models. For the best ergonomics, it is important to choose the right size chair for you.

Although office chairs are smaller in size and padding, they can be more comfortable than those with larger materials. The entry-level starting price for mesh chairs is much lower than the others. This allows for better airflow and temperature regulation. Faux leather gaming chairs can be an alternative to the entry-level price range. However, more breathable materials are becoming more affordable and are available on higher-end models such as the SecretLab TitanEvo 2022. This leather is not as durable and can heat up quickly as the premium, more expensive materials found in office chairs.


Gaming chairsGaming chairs are more affordable than office chairs because of their memory foam cushions and wider design. These chairs are made for long-term use so thick padding is common in even the most expensive models. The mesh design of some office chairs may offer better temperature regulation.


Your gaming chair or office chair is only as good as the ergonomics of it. Ergonomics refers to the extent you can adjust your setup to find the best angles and heights for your activity or frame.

This personalization is a key feature of gaming chairs. Many lumbar and headrest support pillows can be detached and adjusted in height, which provides tailored relief for lower back pain when seated for long periods. This is what the Andaseat TPro Series 2 excels at. A few office chairs don’t include a lumbar support pillow, even at the lower end of the price range. It’s worth it considering that a 2013 study showed that a lower lumbar support pillow promotes better posture, comfort, and overall health.

You will need to spend more on an office chair to get similar support than on a gaming chair unless you are getting an ergonomic office chair. Nevertheless, the support and materials will be of much higher quality.

A slight recline can improve posture and help you stay healthy. Even though the office chair is less expensive, its limited recline function will still be useful. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, offer more mobility, with locks that can be adjusted to 180 degrees. Although not recommended for desk work or other office tasks, more recline options will allow you to find the right position for you.

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The armrest is a key ergonomic feature of the gaming chair. The raised seat edges and winged racing back are purely cosmetic, but the armrests can make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Even low-cost gaming chairs have armrests that can move forwards and backwards. There are also more options in the middle to adjust the swivel or rotation of the rest.

Most office chairs don’t have an up or down adjustment. This means that you are locked into the chair’s width. You won’t be able to type if you are too large or small for the armrests. These office chairs are more customizable than their gaming counterparts and can be much more costly.

However, office chairs have one trick up their sleeve. The flat or waterfall-style seats are more comfortable than the raised lips of gaming chairs. Gaming chairs were originally designed to mimic the racing car seat’s lip, but can be adjusted to raise the front and lower the back for a more bucket-like feel. It’s not possible to sit at 90 degrees.

The waterfall seats, which have a lower lip at the top of the cushion, are more comfortable and support the thighs. They also provide a position to keep your legs aligned. Although there are fewer gaming chairs with raised lips, this style is still a good option.


Gaming chairsGaming chairs are fully customizable. Even budget models have excellent adjustment controls. These chairs can be customized in every way, including recline and armrests. Office chairs have a much more restricted range of options, especially when it comes to lumbar support. Some gaming chairs still have a raised lip around the edge of their seats, but this isn’t as ergonomically friendly as flat cushions found in office chairs.


The biggest question in the debate about gaming chairs versus office chairs is whether the design of the former suits the needs of modern chair buyers. As more people seek a comfortable work from home chair, the tastes of many are changing. Even gamers don’t want to have a huge, colorful chair in their living rooms.

A standard gaming chair is not for everyone. However, if you are looking for a chair to stream video from your computer, the tall headrests and branded cushions will appeal to you. There are some amazing pink gaming chair prices right now. A home office may require something more professional. In this case, an office chair is more suitable for a wider range of tastes.

The office chair is usually subtle with simple black, grey, or white designs. It also has a minimalist structure that emphasizes function over form. They can be used in many environments and can also fit into an RGB-clad gaming set.

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Office chairsThe classic gaming chair’s racer-back design is a favorite of many, but the office chair can be used for a wider variety of purposes and tastes. You can place your office chair anywhere you like, while gaming chairs take up much space. The subtle design allows for more flexibility.


When comparing office chairs with gaming chairs, it is important to distinguish between value and price. Office chairs are often cheaper than entry-level gaming seats. Gaming chairs are generally priced at $100 while office chairs can be found for as low as $40 to $50.

Although office chairs may be more expensive, the entry-level gaming range offers better value. Between $100 and $150, you can expect memory foam cushions, adjustable support, larger builds, and a stronger frame. This means that you get a lot more for your money if you spend a little more.

However, once you reach $250, things become a lot more flat. Premium office chairs may offer a better experience but will require you to spend more.


TieThe price difference between gaming and office chairs is not as obvious. Standard office chairs will be more affordable if you are looking for a low price, but you’ll still get a lot of value if you spend between $100 and $150.

The prices range from $150 to $250, and you might even find a better deal in the office chair section.

Should you purchase a gaming or office chair?

When choosing between an office chair or a gaming chair, you need to think about where your chair will be placed.

Gaming chairs offer better ergonomic support for longer sessions. They have higher backs and more adjustment options. If budget is not an issue, premium office chairs are available for a higher price but can offer a better experience overall.

Many office chairs that are cheaper or less comfortable than gaming chairs won’t offer the same long-term comfort.

If you are looking for a chair that will be used in a professional setting or in a smaller space, the size and aesthetic of a gaming model may not work. The design language of office chairs is more neutral and will blend in with your space better than their gaming counterparts.

A gaming chair will give you better value if you are buying it for your gaming setup. If you don’t want the gaming look, however, it’s worth spending more on a premium office chair or a gaming chair in a muted color like the Noblechairs Hero.

If you are looking for great discounts as you build your set, you will find the lowest prices on our top-rated gaming and office chairs right below.

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