The Basics of a Magnetic Sunglass Clip On: Things to know

If you regularly wear glasses with a prescription, you are aware of the difficulty of switching to prescription sunglasses when it’s time to go outside. Clip-on sunglasses can help with that. Clip-on sunglasses offer a quick, simple, and economical method for appearing fashionable in your everyday glasses while shielding your eyes from the sun. They can either magnetically connect to your usual glasses or physically clip onto your prescription lenses.

Are sunglasses with clips trendy? Popular?

Magnetic sunglass clip ons are not only fashionable, but their appeal is growing. Many eyeglass frames manufacturers are developing magnetic clip-on sets and standalone clip-on sunglasses that are compatible with their current frame choices to meet the rising demand. You don’t have to worry about the cheap, awkward, after-market appearance of the clip-ons that were so well-liked in earlier years because they are now readily available.

The consumer interest in clip-ons may have been rekindled by ’90s nostalgia, but the modern ones are fresh, enhanced, and still quite fashionable. Many selections from today have such understated styles that it might be difficult for someone to know they aren’t wearing typical sunglasses.

What variations of clip-on sunglasses exist?

According to how they are attached to your glasses, there are four basic categories of clip-on sunglasses:

  •         spring-fit
  •         rimless
  •         flip-up
  •         magnetic
  • Spring-fit clip-on sunglasses

The spring bridge, which was created to offer a covert and practical manner of connecting to your eyeglass frames, is the distinguishing characteristic of this style of clip-on sunglasses.

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Simply pull lightly on the spring to broaden the bridge and clip the four edge clips over the rims of your prescription glasses to fasten the sunglasses. The strain needed to keep the clip-on sunglasses fastened is produced when the spring contracts after being released.

Although rimmed spring-fit clip-on sunglasses are also available, they are more common.

Good spring fit clip on sunglasses are made of parts that adhere to strict standards, such as optical grade lenses and stainless steel frames, and have a sophisticated appearance when worn that is comparable to donning prescription sunglasses.

  •         What To Consider When Purchasing This Type

Check the clip-on sunglasses’ dimensions before placing an online order to ensure they will properly fit your prescription frame. If the internet retailer has sizing charts that you can print and place your glasses on top of, it is the most accurate method to accomplish this.

  1. Rimless clip on sunglasses

These alternate designs for clip-on sunglasses still employs the spring-fit connection but lacks the rims for a more upscale look.

Rimless, half-rimmed, metal, or plastic-framed prescription glasses can be worn with rimless clip-on sunglasses.

The clip-on lenses can rest closer to your prescription lenses than the rimless kind, reducing stray light. Frameless and plastic-framed glasses are excellent candidates for rimless clip-ons.

  •         What To Consider When Purchasing This Type

The production quality is crucial when purchasing clip-ons in the rimless design. If you purchase a rimless clip-on that was not built well, you can discover that the edge clips fall off or are separate from the clip-on lenses.

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A good lens is essential. Polarized layers are enclosed between two layers of acetate lens material to create high-quality polarised lenses. A thin polarising film is put to one side of the lens of cheap polarised sunglasses, which is prone to be scratched or rubbed off with regular use.

  1. Magnetically attached sunglasses

This particular style of clip-on sunglasses fastens magnetically to metal-framed eyeglasses and is often only offered by high street opticians in sets that also include a prescription eyeglass frame. This implies that the selection of possible styles is typically somewhat small.

  •         What To Look Out For When Buying This Type

Once more, it’s crucial to spend more money on a high-quality item to guarantee that the magnetic connection works even after wearing and removing the clip-on repeatedly and that it complies with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Take care not to misplace your magnetic clip sunglasses since it could be difficult to find a replacement if the frame design is no longer available.

  1. Flip-up sunglasses

Normally, two prongs on either side of the nose bridge on these clip-on sunglasses are used to secure them to prescription glasses. To reduce the chance of scratching, the prongs that touch the prescription lenses on either side often have a protective rubberized coating.

The center mount, which features a hinge mechanism that enables the tinted lenses to be flipped up when glare protection is not needed, makes flip up sunglasses unique.

When you are driving, and the sun goes behind a cloud, or you enter a shady location, the flip-up mechanism comes in handy. Anglers like flip-up sunglasses because of this function. You may also use it as a sun visor to protect your eyes from glare coming from above.

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Although the center connection of flip-up sunglasses makes them appear less stylish when worn than spring-fit varieties, they are nevertheless a common choice due to their adaptability and reduced price.

Are Clip-On Sunglasses Good?

The greatest clip-on sunglasses reflect current trends in fashion and provide real sun protection. Sportier fashions often offer more colour options but are also more durable because they are made to endure high-impact activities. Clip-on sunglasses can feature mirrored, polarised, and coloured lenses, much like traditional sunglasses.

Whatever style you decide on, clip-on sunglasses are designed to make life more comfortable. They can be quickly and easily attached to your prescription glasses and taken off again.

What Benefits Do Clip-Ons Offer?

Many people who do not want to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses choose magnetic clip-on sunglasses since they offer improved UV ray protection.

The magnetic sunglass clip ons are more practical since they snap into place quickly, hold their position securely, and allow for quick removal.

The Magnetic Clip-ons: Where Can You Find Them?

Most eye physicians offer you a variety of magnetic clip-on sunglasses when you come in for an eye check. This makes sure that they fit perfectly right away when you put them on.

Additionally, magnetic-type clip-ons are sold in many department stores. Still, you must be able to check that they fit properly before you buy them because prescription eyewear comes in a wide variety of forms.

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