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5 Ways to Find the Best Condos for Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona

You’re searching for a condominium to call your new home in the Greater Phoenix area. Where do you start? Who should you talk to? What resources are available to assist you? How do you go about finding the best condo for you and your family in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Tempe or Scottsdale?

The good news is you have lots of options, both high-tech and old-fashioned, available right now. And most of these options are free; that is, they will only cost you your time.

Let’s look at five inexpensive ways you can use today to find a condo:

  • Internet search: Enter a term such as “real estate website for condos” into an internet search engine and you will see several good results hosted by major national companies. You can use any of these sites to take a virtual tour of homes currently for sale – or refine your search to your targeted city.

    There are several national real estate companies that have built vast databases of information about homes across the U.S. On many of these sites, you can literally enter almost any address and see photos (exterior and often interior), detailed descriptions and public information, such as sales and tax history, consolidated all in one place.

    Many of these sites allow users to refine their search by specifying several parameters, such as price, square footage, number of bedrooms and even whether the floors are covered by tile, hardwood or carpet.
  • Refined internet search – real estate agent websites: If you have a specific place in mind, try searching for something like “condos for sale Scottsdale AZ” to get more local results. Instead of national websites, your search results should reveal websites operated by local real estate agents who have listings in Scottsdale – or whatever city or community you specify.

    Working with a local agent who knows the area you want to live in and the condos within it can be your secret advantage.
  • Social media outlets: Make your social media contacts earn their friend status by enlisting them in your condo quest. You never know who might become your new bestie.
  • Word of mouth: If technology isn’t enough, you can go old school in your condo search. Who do you know that might know someone who knows about condos in the area you want to live? Does someone from work or the gym or your church live in a condo in your target area?

    Get a buzz going among your friends and acquaintances about your condo search and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Go directly to the condo: If you narrow your search to a particular building, you might consider approaching the building management. Condo board association members may be privy to upcoming moves or tenants considering a sale.
    Be cautious if you take this step. We don’t mean that you should just show up there and start asking questions. It might be best to approach building management through a real estate agent.
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Do Your Homework when Looking for Condos for Sale in Scottsdale, Arizona and Greater Phoenix 

If you put in some time, effort and legwork, you can obtain excellent results when looking for condos for sale, whether you are seeking the condo lifestyle in the city or suburbs. The suggestions above should help you brainstorm enough ideas to get started in finding your dream condo, whether it’s in Scottsdale, AZ, somewhere else in the Phoenix area, or beyond.

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