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4 Experiential Therapies Offered by Rehab Centers in California

Experiential therapies are hands-on and engaging activities that help those struggling with addiction to process and live with past trauma. The therapies involve engaging individuals’ attention in demanding activities that make them less guarded and allow therapists a more accurate evaluation.  

There are several experiential theories available in each rehab center in California. These theories encompass a holistic approach that helps achieve, enhance, and sustain recovery from substance use disorder. 

Explained below are four impactful experiential therapies used in different rehab centers in California, you can visit The Edge Treatment, one of the best rehab centers in California.

Experiential therapies are great, but at the end of the day nothing beats the proven and tried the method of drug detox in Phoenix. The expert staff at rehab centres in Phoenix are sure to help you get your life back on track.


Yoga is a complementary health practice often considered a natural medication. It is used as part of the treatment program to aid in the prevention of relapse, reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and provide a safe and healthy outlet for distress and negative emotion.

Yoga promotes the balance of parts of the body and brain impacted by substance abuse. Practicing yoga allows you to get attuned to your body, listen to your body, and master how to regulate your breathing. Ultimately, yoga builds your self-awareness about how different things make you feel while ensuring you do not feel judged. You can also consider going to affordable yoga retreats near you to practice yoga. Aside from having someone to guide you in your yoga poses, the peaceful nature will also help you relax and focus on listening to your body and breathing.

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The primary goal of art therapy is to promote your resilience and help you identify better-coping skills during recovery from addiction. Therapists use art to promote growth by encouraging self-expression and reflection.

Art therapy works for people of all ages by providing art media, such as clay, collage, and paint to aid individuals to explore their emotions, gain insight, and get a better understanding of difficult life experiences.

Visiting a reputable rehab center in California provides you with the opportunity to express your emotions through art therapy which ultimately results in positive change. Art therapists often use a non-directive and person-led procedure to ensure a non-judgmental and confidential setting. Art therapy can either be done individually or in a group context.

Art therapy addresses several concerns, including trauma, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, and difficult relationships. Such concerns are often escalated by substance use disorder. Increasing self-understanding through art promotes awareness of triggers that lead to your need for substance use. Additionally, art therapy improves your psychosocial functioning and enables you to resolve inner conflicts.


Acupuncture is a “whole person” modality used to address the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health of an individual. The modality involves the use of very fine needles at pressure points for stimulation of different parts of your nervous system.

The sterilized needles are inserted into your body through the skin to promote blood flow, unblock existing blockages, and enhance overall body balance. Acupuncture is used together with other treatments to reduce withdrawal symptoms once an individual stop substance abuse, especially for opiates.

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Inserting the needles manipulates meridian points in the body by reducing cortisol and balancing dopamine levels; hence managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms arising from detoxification.


Music provides motivation toward goal attainment or task completion. Different music rouses different emotions depending on individuals’ preferences. In drug and alcohol addiction treatment, music is therapeutic. It plays a key role in the healing and integration process. Music therapists found in any rehab center in California must be well trained to ensure successful therapy sessions.


The goal of all experiential therapies explained is sustainable recovery from substance abuse. Now that you know the therapies used, you can visit a rehab center in California and enroll in their program to help you stop substance abuse.

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