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Top 5 Reasons Why Hard Seltzers Make The Ultimate Party Favor

If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, you might have spotted the most recent updates of Vizzy hard seltzer. This is your all-time beverage during summer. Vizzy has sold an array of hard seltzers in America; it’s available in fantastic flavors that match clients’ needs and preferences. Let’s continue reading to understand the content of this drink and why it stands out from other brands.

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Review

 Hard seltzers are carbonated soft beverages manufactured with organic water and added with flavors of natural fruit extracts. Vizzy hard seltzers contain alcohol content ranging from 0-5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This range is just like that of a regular beer. Besides, the hard seltzer contains ethyl and ethanol alcohols. 

These two alcohols are used to make beers; they are made through yeast fermentation. Every bottle of these drinks comes with calories above 100, hence the best for people wishing to cut down weight. Vizzy hard seltzer also has grams of carb and sugar in every serving. This beverage also has contents of vitamin C, which your body requires to stay healthy. Other elements of hard seltzer drinks include cane juice, agave nectar, honey, and agave nectar.

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 Top 5 Reasons Why Hard Seltzers Make The Ultimate Party Favor

Hard seltzers are highly demanded because they come with unique benefits such as:

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Healthy benefits

Hard seltzers come with healthy and natural components. They also do not contain artificial preservatives like their counterparts. They have traces of vitamin C, showing that they are healthy for your body.

They contain low calories.

Hard seltzers are a sure bet if you are struggling to cut weight. They have low calories and fats, typically about 60 calories per serving. These are fewer calories than other beverages hence the best for weight loss.

Hard Seltzers have fantastic taste.

These beverages are people’s favorites because there is no addition of artificial flavors to sweeten the drinks. The flavors are also more intense in seltzers because they exclude additives. The great taste is basically from the natural fruit juice and honey.

Refreshing aspects

Taking hard seltzers is better if you want to get a refreshing experience. Bubbles produced by this beverage keep your stomach full for extended periods meaning that you will not take food any time soon. Refreshing moments during your party events and ceremonies are achievable through buying hard seltzers for your guests.

Hard seltzers are affordably priced.

You may think that hard seltzers are expensive compared to buying other drinks. However, they are affordable, and one can save up to 0.5 per bottle. This rule of thumb primarily applies to clients who want to increase their savings by buying the beverages in bulk.


Having understood the contents of hard seltzers alcoholic beverages, you are now at peace with consuming even the Vizzy Hard seltzer. They are associated with multiple health benefits that will keep your body healthy. Also, you can have your weight loss issues solved upon consuming the beverage regularly. Enjoy the excellent taste today!

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