3 important aspects of the internet marketing

Digital marketing is a very important aspect of daily life. If you are a business owner and want to put the offer in front of the right people, then you’ve come to the right place. We will talk about the latest trends that you should focus in your daily business 

How to choose the platform

You should choose the platform very carefully. For instance, if you want to create video content, then you should create a channel on YouTube. It’s the biggest platform around the globe for video creators. Buy YouTube likes, engage with the comments and show YouTube algo that you care about the subscribers – it’s the recipe to success on this platform. Also, WordPress for example is a reliable system. It is easy to add content and offers a huge amount of features that will allow you to do whatever you want with the site. If you don’t know how to use WordPress (making great content remains difficult), use platforms that offer you pre-established and specialized formats for associations. If you don’t have the budget available to hire a professional website designer, there are systems that give you free sites that will help you get a simple but efficient and up-to-date website. For example, here is the format VerticalSoft uses for client associations. Our sites are included in the price of the CRM, and can be customized but do not have to be configured. They adapt easily to mobiles and are linked to yourCRM . Make sure your website “loads” quickly, without too much delay. And make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices.

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Define CTR goals

Please note that your association must clearly define 1) target audience, 2) beneficiaries and 3) what action you want from Internet users (donate, volunteer, participate in an event, etc.) before creating its website.

Tips & Tricks for the website

Psychologically, we are drawn to human faces, so associations should use people’s faces as much as possible in their website designs. Be careful, however: use real quality photos and not free photos on the internet. The incredibly important boy used in communicating the association’s message – this homepage shows several children and the help they receive from the association. Charity Water does a great job of attracting internet users, by creating a positive message (giving clean water saves lives) and thus making their message even more powerful.


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