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Add Patriotic Apparel to Your Golf Bag and Show Your True Colors

In the spring of 2021, golfers were buying 60% more rounds at the golf course than they did in the previous year at the same time. Sales of golf equipment continue to rise, as do golf simulators and golf apparel..

Millennials are also looking at golfing as a way to release stress and get exercise. There are a reported 14 million people in the millennial age range that are interested in playing golf.

Golf fashion changes over time from pastels to patriotic apparel. Keep reading to find out how patriotic golf clothes are becoming more popular.

New Trends in Golf Fashion

One of the trendiest looks in golf apparel is the neutral look. More golfers, men, and women are wearing black, grey, white, or navy blue. These colors go well with other each other or can work with brighter colors, too.

When the basis of your golf wardrobe is neutrals, it is easy to put your outfit together. You might think that gets boring but there are many ways to make it more exciting.

Patriotic apparel is one of the most exciting new ways to spicy up your neutral golf wardrobe. The American flag can add style to anything.

How to Use Patriotic Apparel to Show Your Style

Start with an American flag shirt. There are many styles to choose from but there’s nothing quite as classy as an American flag golf shirt. It goes with any neutral color but it works especially well with navy.

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Pair your patriotic golf shirt with navy pants and white golf shoes and a red golf hat and your patriotic apparel is complete.

More Options for Patriotic Apparel

Golf shirts aren’t your only option for showing your patriotism on the green. You can be creative with your patriotic style.

Other major golf apparel that you can wear with a patriotic flair includes golf shoes, pants, and sweaters. They can be a full American flag or they could have a patch or a design sewn onto the golf gear.

You can also pair up American flag accessories with larger pieces. Add a belt with an American flag belt buckle or socks with an American flag pattern. You need a hat to keep off the sun so why not choose one with an American flag on it?

You can also represent your patriotic pride when you tee off by wearing the colors of the American flag. White, red, and blue colors in stripes can show your patriotism. Add a few stars and you are set to go.

Golf is All American

Golf is a popular sport in the United States. There are more than 24 million people in the US that play golf.

As it becomes more popular, there are more choices for patriotic apparel and other golf gear. Combining American flag style with the sport is only natural.

If you love creating your own style, check out the Fashion section of our blog for more inspiration.

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