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Targeting LinkedIn advertising

Targeting LinkedIn advertising has taken a real leap forward. In addition to targeting based on professional and demographic information, LinkedIn has introduced targeting tools to the Campaign Manager that support advertising diversity. This means we can customize the advertising message based on the functionality performed by the target audience on LinkedIn and the company’s website.

Targeting LinkedIn advertising

Targeting tools for social media channels are based on user data. That is, Linkedin advertising can be done by the target group based on the user’s educational history, industry and professional title. Targeting can be so precise that only companies to which you want to target advertising are selected, or a customer or marketing register is uploaded to the advertising tool.

For example, the following user information can be found on LinkedIn:

  • The geographical location of the target group
  • Educational background of the target group (Educational institution, degree, degree year)
  • The company, company size and industry
  • Professional title, seniority
  • Professional groups
  • Competence and interests.

New options for targeting LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn has been able to do remarketing based on a visit to the website. Remarketing requires the LinkedIn Insight Tag to be installed on the website. Now there are options for targeting remarketing based on user functionality on LinkedIn. These include

  • Targeting LinkedIn users who have reported participating in the event. Creating this audience, therefore, requires creating a LinkedIn event to support the marketing of your event. Instructions for creating a LinkedIn event can be found in the LinkedIn help section. 
  • Target users who have responded to your lead form ad. This is an ad format created on LinkedIn where a user can perform an action (register for an event, download material, or the like) through the form attached to the ad.
  • Target users who have visited your company’s LinkedIn profile or clicked on a call-to-action on your LinkedIn profile in the last 30 to 365 days. You can choose the appropriate call-to-action for your company profile, for example, contact us, visit the website, register or read more.
  • Target users who have viewed the video content used in the campaign. You can choose your audience based on how long your video has been viewed (25%, 50%, 75%, or 97%) in the last 30-365 days, for example. 
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How do I create new audiences on LinkedIn?

You can create these new user-based audiences in Campaign Manager. When you access the Ads Tool, you’ll find “Account Assets” in the menu at the top of the page and select “Matched Audience” from the menu.

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Live broadcasts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live, ie live streaming, has finally arrived in Finland as well. However, implementation requires a “LinkedIn Broadcaster” application approved by LinkedIn, which can be applied to a personal profile or company page.

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