Where To Buy Wholesale Merchandise in 2019

Small business owners and retailers must keep a lot of variables into account in order to simply stay
afloat but staying afloat is not exactly a justifiable condition to keep your business running. To
squeeze any profits from the endeavor, one must make some clever decisions. Acquisition of your
goods and resources from the right wholesaler might result in making a larger profit margin as well
as the acquisition of quality goods.

Another ongoing struggle is keeping your merchandise in stock. It is difficult to find wholesalers who
will supply you with merchandise that you consistently sell out. There are over 300,000 wholesalers
in the US alone.

Not all wholesalers give you the best deals unless it’s in their best interest. Buying online wouldn’t be
suitable unless you have a chance to look at the merchandise from the source first hand, at least once.
The question remains, “Where can I get a good vendor to source my goods from?”. There are many
ways to approach this. Keeping in mind that reliable sources should be used for buying the merch.

Approaching a manufacturer directly is a good option but they prefer a wholesaler who can manage                                                             the chain of their supplies as well as find them, clients, to sell to on a stable and regular basis.

There might be wholesalers with backward integration but it is extremely rare as well.
Wholesalers will connect you to manufacturers.

Regardless of who or what your source is, buying in bulk is always a good option as your wholesaler will                                                 give your large discounts based on the quantity of the order.

Here are a few options you can explore when it comes to finding reliable and affordable merchandise:

– Wholesale suppliers

– Trade Shows

– Liquidation

– Surplus

Closeout sales

What are Wholesale suppliers and how can they help?

Wholesale is the connective tissue between the manufacturer and the wholesalers. These
companies/individuals work for both sides as they look for manufacturers for retailers and vice-versa.

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The right wholesalers can find you the right fit for both your stock demands and your prices.
Wholesalers are a good option to save up on the money that you spend on goods.

Ebay and Alibaba are also quite well known wholesale suppliers who move large consignments to
other retailers each day.

Wholesaler only make deals that involve moving merchandise in bulk. This helps them move more
stock to the market and out of the warehouses.

What are Trade shows and how can they help?

Trade shows are events organised especially for business owners who are looking for
sources/manufacturers to acquire merchandise from. Trade shows such as CES (Consumer
Electronics Show) and Magic will have thousands of manufacturers as well as wholesalers who will
be showing off their products and looking for retailers to sell to.

These are reliable and recognised by almost all retailers across the world. All industries have their
own trade shows for their own businesses to scout resource from. You just need to be in the loop of
when and where a trade show takes place and attend it.

This will help you make your own connections as well.

What is liquidation, surplus and closeout sales and how can they help?

These aftermarket liquidation pallet retailers sell you merchandise in the form of Liquidation pallets
of returned goods (merchandise that is returned back to the retailer by the customer), surplus goods
(stock that was overstocked by a retailer or didn’t sell enough) and they even organise closeout sales
(last auctions for a particular stock of merchandise).

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If you can source a reliable 3rd party retailer such as this, you can buy back the merchandise to stock
and restock at a fraction of their store price. These companies are directly connected to respectable
retailers such as Amazon, Costco, Target, etc.

The retailer sells the crates, pallets or even truckloads of these merchandise to these 3rd party
retailers as they do not have any other options, its not like they can throw it all away.

To Conclude…

Anyone of these can help you cut down your costs of acquisition and solve your demand and supply
issue. Some of these will be cheaper alternatives than others, with a higher margin of risk. Others will
cost you more and will force you to buy a larger bulk of the merchandise. You must carefully pick
which suits your business best.

Local auctions, garage, and estate sales are some options to consider as well. These might be rare but
yield good results. Some of the rarest items and cheaply priced items are found in these. In order
to attend one, you simply have to check online listing websites.

If you do consider buying from a 3rd party retailer, you must check the reliability of their business.
There are many ways to do this. You could check their reviews online, check their terms and
conditions, etc.

Companies like QuickLotz are a very promising option when it comes to buying merchandise in
liquidation pallets, truckloads, etc. They are America’s largest liquidation retailers and have ties with
reliable brands such as Amazon and Target. QuickLotz has a large catalog of merchandise from
electronics, furniture, clothing, baby products etc.

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You can visit the website of the 3rd party retailer Quicklotz and check out their
large selection of goods and supplies. They sell their merchandise in three categories: cases, pallets,
and truckloads. QuickLotz is unbeatable when it comes to their merchandise both in terms of their
quality and the prices at an offer. They also sell both manifested and unmanifested merchandise.

On making contact with any such retailer, it is your duty to clear out the particulars of your
arrangement before going any further. Only deal with retailers who are transparent in their business
practises, have authentic documentation and have fair returns policies. All of which are quite clear
for Quicklotz. It is a part of their business practices. If you live in the vicinity of one of their
warehouses you can even visit and check the quality and what shape their merchandise is in.

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