3 Top Tips On Creating A Home Office

Over the last couple of years, more of us have had to adapt to working remotely, or in a hybrid way.
Opinions are still divided when it comes to working from home, as there are arguments both for and
against – but there are many benefits that employees can take advantage of, for example, no more
long commutes in the morning, increased productivity, and overall happiness. Read on for 3 top tips
on creating a home office to suit your needs. If you’re still commuting into the office, making sure you have a space fit for collaboration and
efficient working is key, office furniture Essex can help if your office needs an upgrade.

Benefits of working from home

If you’re new to remote working, and you’re not sure how you’re going to find it, here are a few of
the benefits to think about:
Increased productivity: working from home means greater productivity – you can log on as
soon as you’re ready in the morning, and log off in the evening, no time spent in traffic to
make you late, and you’ll have access to collaboration platforms so you can work with your
colleagues easily.
No commuting: Because you’re working remotely, you won’t have to waste your time
commuting into the office, this can save you time, and money, improve your mental health
and means you’re less likely to be late for work.
Increased motivation: Working from home can help with motivation as some may find it
easier to focus on work in their own, comfortable space with no distractions.
Work-life balance: Less time spent in the office and commuting, means more time to do
things you love, such as walking your dog at lunchtime or picking your kids up from school.
If you’re working in a role that requires you to work from home, you’re going to need to transform
an area of your home into an office – below, we’ll take a look at 3 top tips that might be helpful
when it comes to creating your perfect office space.

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1. Find the right spot

When working from home, it is essential that you find a spot perfectly suited so that you can do your
work with no interruption, especially if you live with family! Choose a room or space that is separate
from the rest of the house – a spare room that is not being used would be perfect. If you don’t have
a spare room, look for a space around the house, maybe somewhere that you can stay tucked away
in the kitchen, or dining room. You should try not to work in your bedroom as this is your personal
space, and it can result in you feeling less productive. Ideally, your space should help with
concentration and focus, which is why it’s so important for you to be able to shut yourself off from
the rest of the home. It should also be a place where you feel comfortable, that is free from

2. Choose ergonomic furniture

Once you’ve chosen the right spot for your home office, you’re going to need to choose some
furniture! This is equally as important, as you’ll be spending your day at your desk, so you need to
choose something that works for you. Choosing ergonomic furniture benefits your body whilst
sitting in the same position for a long period and ensures that you’re not going to suffer from any
aches and strains. Being comfortable means that you’ll be able to focus better, which means increased productivity – so investing in good furniture isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. It will keep your back straight and your body in the correct position so that your posture doesn’t suffer.

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3. Add a personal touch

Working from home means you’re going to need a bit of inspiration to get into the frame of mind to
start working, and it should be a place that you want to spend time in. To achieve this, you should
add a personal touch to your space to keep you motivated and inspired. You could add personal
items like little trinkets, or photos, you could even add plants or motivational prints to get your
creativity flowing. As well as this, you should decorate your space in colours that help with
productivity, like bright and airy colours to keep you alert, or more natural colours to bring the
outside in! This is one of the benefits of working in a home office, you can decorate your space whichever way you’d like – create your own perfect workspace!

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