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What Brush Is Best to Use With Hair Extensions?

After the extensions procedure, the proper hair care is super important: hair can not be dried with very hot air, left wet before bed or combed with a ball-tips brush.

The incorrectly chosen comb can easily damage or pull out extended strands along with your natural hair. That is why the choice of a brush should be very careful: the lifespan of your hairstyle depends on it. 

Which Brush Is Best for Hair Extensions?

Among all modern hair accessories, we recommend Janeke hair brush. With this brush, you will love to take care of your curls even more! 

  1. Two types of bristles (nylon and boar bristles) provide the perfect hair care. Nylon is responsible for gentle untangling, and the boar bristles make the curls more silky and shiny, just like they are on the day you visit your hair stylist. 
  2. The comfortable ergonomic handle makes your hair routine easier so that your hands will not get tired while combing.
  3. Stylish appearance will make this comb your favorite and an indispensable accessory that you will enjoy using every day.

In order to maximize the benefits of the combing and styling, you should know how to properly use Janeke hair brush:

  • First, you have to put your hair together like you want to make a low tail. Don’t comb loose hair: this increases the stress on the roots and you can pull out a strand from the hairstyle.
  • Your hand should move smoothly from tips to roots.
  • At the place of bonds attachment try to comb as delicately as possible.
  • The comb also needs care: do not forget to wash it regularly in warm water and remove the fallen hairs. It is necessary to wash it at least once a week.
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Do you know where to buy a real Janeke hair brush?

Visit the site of the popular Canadian brand I Love Slavic hair. This company offers high-quality original hair extensions accessories. Also, if you are in search of quality hair or tools for this beauty procedure, you can find them in the online store of the brand. The range includes Slavic, dyed and European hair – good raw materials designed for different types of natural strands.

I Love Slavic hair offers the best products and accessories on the hair extension market!

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