Two fantastic cities, united by great food

The US is home to some of the most spectacular cities in the world – where one could spend days at a time without ever getting to know them fully. 

Each city has its own distinctive characteristics: the local climate, unique museums, the hometown NBA team, the rich history of each square and city street… and of course the local cuisine.

For a lot of these cities, food is one of the main draws for curious visitors, and one of the best ways to truly get to know the local culture and population.

Visitors to the US may find themselves torn between taking a Chicago Food Tour, or strolling through the Big Apple on a New York Food Tour. Either way, as we will see, they’ll be sure to taste the best dishes and discover fabulous restaurants Downtown Chicago

and shops, all while enjoying a genuinely unique trip.

Food in Chicago

A Food Tour of Chicago should be a mandatory tourist stop for all visitors to the Windy City.

On this gastronomic journey, participants can enjoy classic dishes served in some of the most representative restaurants in the city – some of which have over a century and a half of history, and continue to cook in the same way as in the olden days, respecting their origins as a part of Chicago’s culinary identity.

During this memorable tour you will have the chance to sample dishes that draw on the many different nationalities and traditions that make up the gastronomic culture of Chicago, and learn a lot about the city through its food.

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The Food Tour Chicago lasts over three hours and makes a total of six stops at a number of prestigious venues.


First on the menu is a slice of the city’s infamous deep dish pizza, widely considered to be a local culinary triumph.

Next on the tour, visitors can try some tasty, traditional gourmet popcorn, followed by a Chicago-style hot dog. This local delicacy is highly seasoned, smothered in mashed potatoes and accompanied with a variety of garnishes of your choice, lending this Chicago dish a unique taste.

The main course on this extensive tour is an Italian meat sandwich, and a brownie is served for dessert. Did you know that the brownie was invented in Chicago? All the more reason to try one on this special tour of the city!

As you make your way across town, you will get to know different Chicago landmarks such as the Harold Washington Library, while immersing yourself in the gastronomic world which the city has to offer.

New York: all the flavors of the Big Apple

New York City is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the world. The Big Apple has an almost infinite amount of activities for visitors of all ages, from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, making it a truly unforgettable destination.

It’s also a great place to eat, with a wide variety of local and international dishes and restaurants, so choosing the right food tour from among the available options can be a challenge. 

For example, the Greenwich Village Food Tour kicks off with a classic bagel, followed by a visit to several craft breweries to enjoy their many different varieties of beers, exquisite New York-style pizza and donuts for dessert.

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The Secret Pizza Food Tour, meanwhile, gives participants the opportunity to try outstanding Lebanese coffee and Manakeesh, a famous variety of Lebanese pizza, followed by a unique Asian-style pizza and finally the classic pepperoni and margherita slices.

Food Tour New York – Brooklyn takes tourists on a trip through the charming borough, with a first course of roast duck with rice giving way to Mexican food and exquisite homemade meatballs.

Later, visitors will tour a couple of picturesque Italian bakeries that are held in high esteem by residents from this part of the city. Finally, the multicultural tour ends with a taste of “bubble tea”, a unique Taiwanese drink.

There’s no denying that both the city of New York and the city of Chicago boast an incredible gastronomic identity, with menus that are endlessly appealing to tourists of all backgrounds.

The best restaurants in town

If you visit either of these cities, make sure to check out these restaurants when seeking out your favorite dishes.

Visitors to Chicago should head to Birrieira Zaragoza for an excellent menu of Mexican food. And if you want the best sandwiches in Chicago, you should visit Small Cheval.

In New York, Lucali’s pizzas are the toast of Brooklyn, while Manhattan is home to the fantastic Breads Bakery.

We also recommend taking a trip to Joe & Pat’s Pizza, another excellent New York pizzeria located on Staten Island.

Finally, if you’re looking to try some delicious tacos and sample the best of Mexican cuisine which the city has to offer, Los Tacos Nº 1 in Manhattan is the place for you.

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These are just a few of the most outstanding restaurants in both extraordinary US cities. The truth is that you’ll be sure to enjoy the food no matter where you travel to in either unique location.

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