Top 10 Beaches in the World

Are you planning a beach holiday to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Then you have come to the right place. With pristine sand, gushing waves, and scenic views, beaches make a perfect holiday destination to refresh and wind down with your loved ones. 

If you’re planning the holiday with your family, coordinating your beach wear with family t-shirts can make the trip more memorable and fun. Not to forget, diverse opportunities to create exceptional Instagram-worthy moments.  

  • Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay or Rai Leh is one of Thailand’s most scenic beaches. Situated on a small peninsula amidst the city of Krabi and Ao Nang, this beach is isolated from the mainland and can be accessed only by boats.

Backpacking solo? Not to worry. Railay beach has tons of attractions to keep your adventure spirit thriving. You can explore hidden underground caves and lagoons, cliff jump, or rent a kayak. 

This beach is also popular for couples who want to experience adrenaline-driven activities such as rock climbing, snorkeling, or swimming among the bioluminescent plankton in the evening.

  •  Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Nestled in the northeast Shore of Zakynthos Island is the most photographed beach in all of Greece, called Navagio beach or shipwreck beach. Enclosed by high cliffs in a crescent shape, this sandy cove opens to a dazzling turquoise sea. 

But the thing that makes Navagio beach mystical and unique is the lone shipwreck in the middle of the cove. It’s believed to be a smugglers ship called Panagiotis, which washed ashore. Its presence has given another name to this beautiful beach, by the name of Smugglers Cove. 

  • Petite Anse, Mahe, Seychelles
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Are you looking for a calm utopia that consists of pristine beaches, thick jungles, exceptional stays, and more importantly, less crowded? Then Petite Anse is the perfect beach destination. 

It is located in Mahe, which is one of the 115 archipelagos that make up the island nation of Seychelles. Petite Anse is considered the most picturesque beach among the others. 

The best months to visit this beach on the Indian Ocean are in February, March, and November. With ideal weather conditions, you can indulge in surfing along the coastline, scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. 

  • Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is the most sought-after honeymoon destination located in the French Polynesian isle on the coast of the South Pacific. Among the many stunning beaches scattered along the archipelagos of Polynesia, Matira is the largest beach open to the public. 

Here, you can experience the complete tropical paradise package. With only 18 miles long, Bora Bora has some of the most magnificent white powdery beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water. 

  • Playa del Amor, Marieta Island, Mexico

Playa Del Amor, or Hidden beach, is a famous vacation spot situated in a hinged cave on the coast of Marieta Island in Mexico. The Hidden beach is also known as the Love beach, as many couples and newlyweds visit this mysterious beach as their romantic getaway. 

Though the beach looks like a miracle craved by Mother Nature, in reality, it was the result of military test equipment that formed a crater-like hole.

With its white sandy beaches, deep hidden caves, and clear azure water, Hidden beach in Mexico is a perfect holiday spot for those seeking adventure and can endure the long trip to get to this mystical beach. 

  • Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia
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Whitehaven beach is Australia’s most famous beach and it’s protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park. Located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reefs this spectacular beach is home to the purest white sand on the planet. Consisting of 98% white silica, it projects a luminescent color as far as the eye can see. 

Whitehaven beach stretches up to7 km and is surrounded by brilliant green and blue water. Due to its protected status, you can expect fewer crowds and indulge in the quiet splendor of Whitehaven beach. 

  • Polihale Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Polihale beach is a less-crowded area on the western end of the coast of Na Pali, Kauai. This serene beach is ideal for a romantic picnic if you want to surprise your date or spouse. 

Polihale beach is an enchanting place that brings back the old-world vibe that surrounds Hawaii and its culture. With cacti and dunes as high as 100 feet, this beach is perfect for taking long walks along the shoreline and watching the sunset on the horizon.

  • Saud Beach, Luzon Island, Philippines

Saud beach is the Philippines’ crown jewel when it comes to incredible stay, pristine beaches, and turquoise water. It is also called Pagudpud beach by the locals and has a mellow and easy flow of waves meeting the beach shoreline. 

Because of its tropical climate, you can expect warm bath-like water. Perfect for taking a ‘me’ time by swimming, floating in its calm waters, or even lazy lounging under the cabana. 

  • Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, The Bahamas
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This popular beach in the Bahamas has a rosy-hued color that stands out from the rest. The sun gleaming on the pink-colored sand gives it an ethereal look at any time of the day or night. 

The attractive pink color comes from the insects called foraminifera that live and feed on the reefs. The crushed bodies of these microscopic insects form a distinct color. 

Pink sands beach is located on the Harbour Island of the Bahamas, very close to Eleuthra. The beautiful beach stretches three miles and has magnificent reefs and shallow clear waters, making them ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

  • Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looking for a fun, relaxing morning on the beachfront and a glamorous, chic night out with your friends? Then Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the place to be. 

This world-famous beach has striking white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. The other side though consists of towering skyscrapers and modern hubs. Making Copacabana beach the best of both worlds. 

It should be noted that this popular beach can get extremely crowded on the weekends. If you don’t mind a packed beach, then Copacabana offers various fun activities such as beach volleyball, surfing, sunbathing and delicious food. 

Whether it’s watching the sunset, taking a morning stroll, hiking up the cliff tops, or exploring the rich fauna and flora of the barrier reefs, beaches are for everyone. And what better way to make your vacation unforgettable than twining with your loved ones by wearing family t shirts to capture the moment.

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