The amazing Trent Bridge venue

England is full of excellent stadiums to play cricket. One of them is the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. The website 1x – all sports news can be read by fans of this sport at any moment, and it features information about all the games played in this venue.

This stadium is located in the city of West Bridgford, near Nottingham. During its history, the stadium has received matches of many variations of cricket, including:

  • Test cricket;
  • One-Day International matches;
  • and also country cricket.

One of its most entertaining matches was a semi-final between Pakistan and South Africa in 2009. This contest was won by the Pakistani squad by 7 runs, and helped them to later become champions of the competition. Right now, all sports news coming from the amazing world of cricket are available at the 1x website, where fans can get the most accurate details.

History of Trent Bridge

The location where Trend Bridge currently stands has been used for cricket matches since 1838. Since then, many other great contests have been played in this place, and the 1x.news/cricket/betting-tip/ site has the best betting tips on them.

The construction of the stadium itself was finalized in 1841. However, Trent Bridge wouldn’t see Test cricket until June 1899. Specifically, between the 1st and 3rd days of that month, England faced Australia in a Test contest. The game ended in a draw. However, Australia and England played between each other many times later, and all the information about its matches is featured at the 1x website.

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Use as a football stadium

Despite Trent Bridge being primarily a cricket facility, on some rare occasions it has also hosted football matches. For example, Notts County Football Club used this venue as its home stadium during most of the 19th century. However, later they needed to move in part due to the unavailability of Trent Bridge for their own matches, as it was constantly busy with cricket events. It is possible to visit 1xNews – find out cricket predictions for today free on all the matches that are played in this place.

Nottingham Forest also did the same. They played most of their home matches at Trent Bridge. They eventually moved to their own stadium, Meadow Lane, in 1910. However, it should be noted that Trent Bridge even hosted an international football match between England and Ireland. It took place on the 20th of February 1897, and the English team won 6-0 with goals from Steve Bloomer, Fred Wheldon and Charlie Athersmith. Yet, after that, a majority of the matches played here have been cricket matches. When going to 1xNews, fans will find out all cricket predictions for absolutely free, which are the most accurate across the entire Internet.

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