Who to bet on from the UEFA champions league

In the world of football, the UEFA Champions League is considered a popular and long-awaited event. This competition is awaited not only by fans who want victory for their team. Bettors also have a good advantage from such a competition, in which the stakes are higher than in other matches.
Given the scale of the sporting event, players are already discussing plans ahead of time for uefa champions league betting. Experienced bettors always take into account reviews and expert opinions before their bets. In most cases, the supposed forecasts of experts come true and bring winnings to the players.

This sporting event dates back to 1955. The reason for the creation of the competition was the loud statement of the English press that the Wolverhampton Wanderers club, after defeating Honved and Spartak, is considered the world champion.

French journalist Gabriel Hano was outraged by such a loud statement. After that, the journalist published an article in the newspaper about his idea of ​​​​a football competition at the world level, talking in detail about the project. The proposal attracted attention and has now become an integral part of this sport.

Champions League: table of tournaments, schedule of matches, group stage

Before planning a bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the standings. The groups currently represented are:

  • “A”, which includes RB Leipzig, Bruges, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG);
  • “B”, which consists of Milan, Porto, Liverpool, and Atetiko M.
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Each of the teams has already played one game with one of the opponents. Upcoming meetings are presented in the following groupings:

  • “C”: Besiktan and Ajax, Borussia D and Sporting;
  • D: Inter M and Shakhtar D;
  • A: Manchester City and PSG, RB Leipzig and Brugge;
  • B: Liverpool and Porto, Milan and Atlético M.

In some groups, there are already leaders who have already earned advantage points in comparison with other teams. By these data, the coefficients are also determined.

Also participating in betting should pay attention to the group stage. It includes 6 rounds in which 32 football teams will play. This number includes 26 teams from this year’s tour and 6 teams that deserved to win the playoffs.

The drawing of lots is scheduled for the 26th of August. Participants will be divided into 8 groups. The teams that take the top 6 places will participate in the first basket. Teams 2 and 3 will be ranked based on win odds.

The schedule of football matches will be held in the following order:

  • 1 round – 14-15.09;
  • 2 meeting – 28-29.09;
  • 3 round – 19-20.10;
  • 4th meeting – 2-3.11;
  • Round 5 – 23-24.11;
  • 6th meeting – 7-8.12

After the draw and the meetings, the experts will be able to provide their predictions.

Leaders according to experts

Given the results of the matches, the English teams Munster City and Liverpool are currently considered the main contenders for victory. Both opponents now have 3 advantageous points, which put them in the lead. The average coefficient for these teams, taking into account the opinion of analysts, is 4.

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Some analysts are focusing on Bayern based on their record. In last year’s tournament, this team confidently took victory in the final against PSG. Her coefficient is currently 5 on average.

In the last places are the German club RB Leipzig and the Italian team Milan. Football players of these teams could not earn a single point in the games held.

Football is an unpredictable game. In one match, the statistics of leaders and outsiders can change dramatically, despite expert assumptions. Therefore, bettors often rely on their intuition or the so-called “feel”.


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