7 Ways To Deal With Separation

Dealing with separation is such a hard thing. Since the beginning of time, we humans have all wished to be with our soulmates and have our happily ever after. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. For most of us, our love story finishes even before we realize it.

In Australia, studies have shown that 33% of Australian marriages end in separation or divorce. If you’re among the unfortunate ones going through a tough post-separation phase, here is a list of seven things you can try out to cheer yourself up.

  1. Give yourself some time

It’s definitely not possible to jump right back into your old routine after a separation. So it’s necessary to give yourself a break and some time to figure things out. Don’t rush things since it will create a mess in your mind.

Acknowledge all the emotions that you feel – whether it’s anger, sadness, or guilt. Only when you take a break can you truly make sense of the things happening inside and around you.

  1. Share your emotions

Only our closest friends and family members will truly understand what goes on during such hard times. Therefore, it’s best to let them know what’s going on in your mind.

Sharing your troubles and emotions with them can help you feel much lighter and happier. Or you can even join a support group to meet people who have experienced what you’re going through.

Having a closely-knit circle of trusted people around you will cheer you up immensely.

  1. Avoid power struggles

One mistake we all tend to make is to fight it out with our former spouse or partner after separation.

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Be it the kid’s custody or the house property, separation makes all of us bitter people who love venting out on our exes. But avoiding these fights is the most important thing you should do.

If you see a discussion turning sour, stop it right there and tell your partner that it’s better to talk later. Find a common ground and divide the legal things on the basis of that.

  1. Go for therapy

Many times, only a professional is able to help you out when nobody else seems to understand you. You can either visit a therapist alone or go with your ex-partner to sort things out.If required, a psychiatrist can also prescribe you medicines to help you get back on track. But always remember to take medicines only after the doctor advises you to. Many times, only a professional is able to help you out when nobody else seems to understand you. You can either visit a therapist or counsellor alone or go with your ex-partner to sort things out.

  1. Try an escort service

No matter how much we deny, physical relation is a big aspect of any relationship. After a separation, it’s natural to long for physical contact and love. This is where an escort service comes in.

There are endless Canberra escorts all waiting to spend some time with their clients and please them. If you need to relax for a night or two, you can simply look up online and search for a good escort agency.

Don’t worry, these services are absolutely legal and harmless, provided you search in the right places. Always be polite and respectful to your escort and make sure you both discuss the terms and conditions properly before engaging in any sexual act.

  1. Do what pleases you
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Now that you’re single again, it might be hard for you to find your hobbies and interests. But this is an activity you should be thinking of no matter how down you feel. Open that rusty old typewriter and write a short story or two. Or get those pots and pans out and cook your favourite meal.

The objective here is to focus on things that you liked to do before the separation, not joint activities like a movie date or dinner date. Figure out where your interests lie and do those activities. You can even make a bucket list to make stuff easier.

  1. Don’t lose hope

Yes, it sounds impossible, but things will get better. Remember the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”? Well, believe in it.

You have more courage than you realize, and now is the time to be mentally and emotionally strong. If you have kids, you should especially be strong for them.

Over to you…

These seven lovely tips will surely help you to find some ray of hope after a separation. Always keep in mind that you are strong and all your emotions are important and valid. No matter what, you must never give up on yourself.

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