Need to Send Money to Africa: Use This Money Transfer App

When choosing a money transfer app to send money to Africa, you need to consider a number of factors. We have done this for you and uncovered the exact money transfer app that you need to use. But before we tell you that, it would be important that you know how we landed on this choice. Here are some of the factors that we looked at, which you should also consider, when selecting this money transfer app to send money to Africa:

Speed of Transactions

Back then, people solely relied on conventional methods of sending and receiving money, such as using banks. But the problem with this was that it was not only costly, but also slow. Money transfers could take anywhere between days to weeks, especially when it’s a cross-border transfer.

Fast forward to now, where technology has taken the center stage, international money transfers are a lot faster and cheaper. Money transfer apps enable quicker movement of funds within and without borders.

Within just minutes, sometimes seconds, you can make a transfer to your friends and family right from your mobile phone. Thus, when you’re an immigrant abroad and want to send money to Africa so that you can help your loved ones, do so with a money transfer app.

In a case where you need to send money to Africa for an emergency purpose, it would beat logic using any other way than a money transfer app. All you need to do is to download the app and fill in your details then start sending and receiving funds.

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Transfer Security

Another integral factor that we had to look at when making a decision is security. The online space has become rather dangerous with the inception of cybercriminals, hackers, and scammers. Therefore, it has become even more important for individuals to choose a money transfer app that safeguards their security online.

Some of the features that a good money transfer app should have in this case include biometrics, OTPs, multiple factor authentications, and encryption. All of these factors ensure that even when someone gets a hold of your mobile phone, they wouldn’t easily access your online wallet. The encryption technology actually ensures that your transactions are end-to-end. Therefore, no one can intercept transactions online before they get to the recipient – not even the money transfer app itself!

Being concerned about the security of your funds is totally normal. But you don’t have to worry anymore when you use a fully secure money transfer app to send money to Africa.


Low Fees and Rates

The other important factor that you have to analyze is the pricing of the money transfer app. How much does it cost to send money to Africa using that money transfer app? Of course, people often seek the best alternatives to sending money, which don’t cost so much. As much as security, reliability, and speed are very crucial when you send money to Africa, fees and rates are equally important.

In our research, we sought after a money transfer app that has fair exchange rates and low fees. We wanted to get an app that uses the mid-market exchange rate so that the recipient gets more money in their wallet.

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The truth is that we have come a long way. Back then, sending and receiving money had to be via delivery/human contact. And this was very costly. Then came banks, which made the transfers a bit easier – but still not perfectly cheap. They were coupled up with many outstanding and hidden charges that just put people off. Money transfer apps made transactions not only easier, but a lot cheaper. Still, they compete on this same premise of fees. Some are lower, while others costlier.


How convenient is the money transfer app that you have chosen to use? In our review of the best money transfer app to send money to Africa, we sought after reliability and ease of use. These two factors guided our decision on convenience.

It is pointless choosing an app with a complex user interface that will only add to the headache that you have. The fact that you can use money transfer apps anywhere means that they should be easy to use.

How fast can one adapt to the features of the money transfer app? Is it easy to use even for those who don’t have prerequisite technology training? These are some of the factors that we looked at when selecting the best money transfer app.

Afriex: The Best Money Transfer App to Send Money to Africa


After analyzing all of the factors that we have mentioned above in detail, we settled on Afriex as the right choice of money transfer app to send money to Africa. It has met all of the features and standards that we had when sieving the right application.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know why you should Afriex to send money to Africa, you can create an account and start sending funds to family and friends. 


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